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The Secret Of Having Acrylic Kitchen Shutters

A mini-guide on features of Acrylic kitchen shutters

A modular kitchen with a sheen appeaance and glossy finish is an eye-catcher. For homeowners who love a lustrous yet affordable kitchen setup, it comes real easy with acrylic finish laminates. These kitchen shutter designs progress with time, making it a popular option for kitchen finishes.

In this mini-guide, we tell you why your kitchen would look and feel good by installing a shutter with gloss.

Why Choose Acrylic Kitchen Shutters?

  • The aesthetics 

For visually appealing cooking spaces, an acrylic finish kitchen cabinet will definitely turn heads. Acrylic gives excellent textural contrasts with a variety of backsplash materials. Glossy kitchen shutter designs also make the kitchen appear more spacious.

  • Durability 

These kitchen shutters are highly durable and have the added benefit of maintaining the glossy finish for years. These shutters have UV resistance too.

  • Colors

Acrylic finish laminates offer a wide range of colors, without compromising on the sheen for long periods of time.

  • Maintenance 

When it comes to the maintenance aspect, acrylic kitchen designs are easy to clean and can be done with mild soapy water.

Anti-Scratch Acrylic

As the name suggests, this acrylic finish kitchen shutter material comes with anti-scratch properties. These shutters resemble glass but have exceptional qualities over the glass. The anti-scratch acrylic shutters are given a hard scratch-resistant coating which also gives an added protection.

The scratch resistance feature of acrylic finish kitchen cabinets may not be as good as glass, but minor scratches can easily be polished.

Some of the key features of Anti-scratch Acrylic kitchen shutters are:

  1. The surface is hard and abrasion-resistant.
  2. The thickness of the acrylic sheet is around 0.8mm
  3. The material used is completely clear acrylic.

Acryshine Acrylic 

With a glass-like finish, acryshine acrylic kitchen shutters are lightweight and yet, have high durability features. The core material is Berge Ply and it comes with a matching edge banding.

These kitchen shutters also come with anti-scratch properties. There are a variety of shades available for Acryshine shutter laminates.

The design and layout for each modular kitchen is different, hence not all materials would suit the arrangement of every kitchen compartment. Looking at the commercial aspect of these shutter designs, the acrylic kitchen cost fits a fair budget. 

To build a beautiful kitchen, an assorted array of constituents goes into the shape and design of every little space. Kitchen shutter finishes are plenty, but undoubtedly, choosing the right one is a personal choice. 

To know more about acrylic finish kitchen shutters, contact Bespoke Decor at  +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 for details. 

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