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Which One of the 6 Kitchen Layouts will Work Best for You?

(We love layout #6!)

Finalising the pattern that your countertops, workspaces, and cabinets follow i.e. your kitchen layout, forms the basis of a good kitchen interior redesign.

There’s kitchen ergonomics and the concept of the work triangle- all of this eventually boils down to selecting the correct kitchen layout for your modular kitchen space. Keep in mind the amount of space you have and how busy an area your kitchen is going to be once the remodel is complete! There must be equal importance is given to functionality and aesthetics and a good understanding of the space before finalising a kitchen layout.

1. Straight Line Kitchen Layout

The workspace in a one wall kitchen layout is spread out along a segment of the wall which is greater than 10 feet long. This houses the cooking, preparation and cleaning surfaces. The wall and base cabinets are all laid out against a single wall. Usually, the sink is placed at one corner while the stove or cooktop is placed on the other end of the open-wall kitchen layout. The fridge, which is the third component of the work triangle (stretched out into a line in this case), is usually placed on one of the ends.
This is the layout of choice for narrow and space-restricted kitchens or in cases where clients do have a large space but want an open kitchen.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

In an L-shaped layout, two walls perpendicular to one another are used to fit cabinets and workspaces. There should be a well thought out corner unit too to ensure the best use of the space. There must be a counter space to work on between the three elements of the kitchen triangle (cooktop, fridge and sink). This versatile layout is a very popular choice in modern modular kitchens as it allows for easy accessibility and can make your kitchen appear spacious. The L-shaped layout maximises space and therefore, allows for a seating area to be fitted into your kitchen interior design too.

3. Galley Kitchen Layout

In a galley kitchen layout, two walls opposite and parallel to one another are used to house the cabinets and workspaces. A galley is frequently seen in professional chefs kitchens but may not be practical if both ends of the corridor are open in a home setup. It sets the stage for a really efficient kitchen work triangle with ample counter and cabinet storage space.
In a galley layout, it is advisable to keep the cooktop and cleaning area on the same side to reduce accidental injuries while transporting between the two sides.

4. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Three walls are allotted to hold the cabinets and counters in a U-shaped kitchen layout. This works out to function as the perfect layout for a kitchen as you can place each aspect of the kitchen triangle against one of the walls.
You get more work space as well as storage space in a U-shaped layout. The only drawback is that it may make a kitchen appear more cramped and full.

5. G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The configuration of a G-shaped kitchen is similar to a U-shaped one with a peninsular area which can be used as a preparation zone. In most remodels involving a U-shaped layout, if the client has a request for more counter space and storage, the G-shaped layout is pitched. In this layout, the person working in the kitchen can literally surround themselves with all they need, thereby ensuring greater cooking efficiency.

6. L-Shaped with Island Layout

Saving the best for last is a modification of the L-shaped kitchen. Islands are pretty popular in the West, but slowly have been rising in popularity in India too. The island functions as a buffet area, an additional preparation zone as well as an eating area- extremely versatile! It’s a good idea to place your sink on the island to complete the work triangle. However some people prefer having cooktops on the island or leaving it bare as a preparation cum entertaining zone.
To elevate the look of your island, invest in bar seating and ambient hanging light fixtures.
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