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16 Shutter Finishes to Choose from to Create your Dream Kitchen

The different types of shutters available in the market today- from most to least premium!

With the trending modular kitchen designs, factory-crafted units are equipped with a multitude of amenities, and shutters being one of the most important crockery units. Captivating shutters can enhance the look of a kitchen and the appeal gets better by choosing the right style. To style your Modular Kitchen, the best interior designers in Kerala can help you choose from a range of cabinet shutters that will highlight your kitchen. Given below are a few of the popular cabinets at the moment from most premium to least.

1. Corian– Categorised as that type of shutter design that can give the stone a shining finish in your kitchen. Corian shutters are durable, tough, and free from hazardous chemicals. These premium shutters come in a variety of colors and textures, are non-porous, and can make your kitchen free from trivial day-to-day damages. LED lights can be incorporated with these shutters and make your kitchen stand out.

2. Victorian PU– For the appearance of a vintage English style kitchen and an overall royal look, opt for Victorian PU shutter finishes. This premium shutter finish with high gloss is the material of choice in luxury modular kitchens.

3. Ceramic/ClaytexCeramic shutters bring out the vogue of your kitchen. With dust-proof features, these units can withstand high temperatures too.

4. 5-piece veneers– These shutters are best suited for wooden modular kitchen designs. With built-in textures, these veneer shutters are strong with a five-piece constructive framework.

5. Solid wood– If you’re looking for a sophisticated and classy style for your modular kitchen, solid wood shutters could be your best option. Teak and oak wood designs come under the solid wood category, with the ability to withstand climatic changes.

6. Veneer– With pre-staining and polishing features, veneer shutters not only cover the surfaces but the edges too. These units come in high quality and can turn your kitchen trendy.

7. Glorious glass– Made with toughened glass, these shutters offer a unique look to your kitchen. It is made available in a variety of colors.

8. PU Inclined– These elegant shutters come with a 45-degree slope, making it look like a handle.

9. PU shutters– Embedded with European features, these glossy, scratch-resistant and highly appealing shutters are popular for their simple fitting, in any colour of your choice.

10. Matpro– This range of contemporary shutters is popular for its horizontal and vertical applications. Mataro shutters are anti-fingerprint and feature like thermal healing of superficial scratches, making them a fairly popular choice now.

11. Glitz– These shutters come with a PU finish and a glossy surface. Glitz can resist climatic wear and tear and ensures the best light reflection

12. Acrylic– For seamless kitchen design, acrylic shutters can be used to highlight your cooking space. These shutters have solid, wooden, and metallic frameworks, which can also resist harsh weather conditions.

13. Pristine PU–  Glossy, scratch-resistant, and highly appealing, these shutters are popular for their vibrant array of colors.

14. Inclined laminate– These shutters are available in high gloss and matte finishes. Inclined laminate shutters come with a 45-degree slope on top, which gives it a handle-like feature. These shutters give your kitchen a neat look.

15. Artize– With top-notch quality laminates, Artize shutters give a beautiful look to your kitchen shutters. Crafted with artsy textures and colors, these shutters can take over your modular kitchen design to the next level.

16. Laminate Shutters– They are otherwise known as four-side edge binding or Mica shutters. This is one of the most frequently proposed types of shutters, right from local carpenters to your average modular kitchen outlet. Moisture-proof and chip-resistant, the 4SEB shutters are made with CNC machines to ensure a perfect finish to these shutters.The finish of shutters are in plenty, and based on the client’s selection, they can have a significant impact on aesthetics and cost of kitchen units too.Your local carpenters and other showrooms may only orient you to a handpicked few. Only a specialist interior designer like Bespoke Decor has all these options for your perusal. For more information, contact us on : +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23

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