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Kitchen Ergonomics 101: A Science & Art

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For your comfort and safety

Starting your kitchen interiors plan keeping in mind ergonomics and functionality is a good idea.
Here’s why kitchen ergonomics are important for your kitchen interior design:

  • To create a practical kitchen layout
  • To ensure safety
  • To ensure comfort and avoid long-term issues
  • Easier completion of all kitchen related tasks
  • Efficient organisation of the workspaces in the kitchen

Let’s explore a few simplified guidelines regarding kitchen planning to ensure a smooth ergonomic flow, as suggested by the interior design experts at Bespoke Décor:

Kitchen Entry

The door should have a clear path of opening and closing and floor space without interfering with the safe operation of any appliances or another door. It is recommended to leave a clear path of opening at least 32” wide for a 3” door.

Work Triangle

Make sure there is an uninterrupted path of traffic between the three main work zones in your kitchen- the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. For more details on the work triangle, check out our article

Kitchen Sink

After finalising the position of the kitchen sink based on the work triangle, let’s examine a few technical aspects of the sink. It must be lesser than 34” and not deeper than 6.5”. The lower portion of the sink must be free of abrasive or sharp projections which may potentially injure the user. The sink should have a landing area between 18-24” long.


It is recommended to leave a clearance of at least 15” between the landing area of your fridge and any other surface. There must be sufficient floor space in front of the fridge to facilitate opening.

Cooking Surface

There must be a minimum 12” of landing area on one side of the cooktop and 15” on the other. For safety reasons, a clearance of minimum 9” is recommended behind the cooking surface if placed on the countertop. Another safety implication is to avoid curtains if your cooktop is against your window. Also, make sure that there is adequate ventilation- properly sized ducted ventilation should do the trick in modern kitchens.


Your kitchen should have a minimum of 158” of countertop space placed at a depth of 24” at least with a 15” clearance above it. It is also recommended to ensure that your countertop edges are smooth and rounded to avoid accidental injury.

Storage Cabinets

For more details on storage cabinets, check out our base and wall cabinet articles.

These recommendations are akin to just a drop of water in the ocean. To get a detailed understanding, contact our designers at +91 90 20 10 70 23 or

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