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No, the Price of your Modular Kitchen does not only Depend on its Area!

Looks can be deceiving, even when it comes to your modular kitchen price.

Every home cook for whom their kitchen is a paradise wants an affordable one too. There is a huge misconception that the cost of a modular kitchen is ONLY dependent on the square footage of your kitchen. The reality is actually far from this. Yes, the kitchen’s area is a factor but there are many other factors influencing modular kitchen prices.  A kitchen may look similar to another one from the outside, but may in fact cost exorbitantly higher owing to the other factors that have contributed to the spend.
In this article, we guide you through the different factors influencing modular kitchen prices and offer our input on where you can cut costs and where you must refuse to compromise.

Some factors that determine the cost of your kitchen are:

Size of your kitchen

The size layout of your modular kitchen does matter. A larger square-footage gives you the gift of space, where you can add more kitchen modules and have a layout of your choice. The addition of modules depends on your needs, which means, if you want to try out all the recipes in the magazine and spend hours together in the kitchen, you need a more advanced module. For someone who doesn’t believe in spending too much time in their kitchen, the bare minimum Straight-Line Layout would work for them. More modules will, quite naturally, translate to a higher price.

Material Used

The cabinet materials you will find in the market range from those that can burn a hole in your pocket to the pocket-friendly ones. Plywood is the material of choice for those looking for practicality and remaining on a budget. Some of the materials available and used for cabinets in the market are MDF, HDF, solid wood, and ply.

Shutter Finish Used

With regards to shutter finishes, most carpenters give quotes based on laminates (mica) only but there are several options when it comes to finishes. While the use of other finishes may increase the cost, if you want to preserve superior aesthetics, it is a great choice to make.

Cabinet Modules

Pick the right type of cabinets, tailored to your space and needs and ones that you will use frequently, to get a budget-effective kitchen.

Drawer systems, tall units, pull-outs, cutlery trays, and space-saving corner and loft units are a few of the options. While the installation of these may cost you a little more, it will increase the utility and functionality of your space and is an investment you must consider.

Countertop & Backsplash

Some of the materials commonly used for countertops are quartz, Corian, natural wood, or polished granite. Depending on your aesthetic requirements, your countertop budget may change.

When it comes to the backsplash, a few people prefer metals as they offer an industrial look and are easier to clean whereas others play it safe with stone or glass. Refrain from using stone with a lot of texture as it may make it challenging to clean and maintain. The cost varies highly depending on the size and material used.


Your modular kitchen could include built-in appliances like hobs, chimneys, and so on. Choose the most essential ones and enjoy your affordable and colorful little heaven or splurge on creating the kitchen out of your dreams. Now you can easily understand how a kitchen that may look just like another can vary in price from one another. It is important to not just judge a kitchen and estimate its budget on its size and first appearance as there are many factors that influence the final cost of your kitchen

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