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Childproof your Modular Kitchen without Compromising on Design

All you need to know to make your modular kitchen a safe zone for the little one

Like curious little explorers, toddlers and infants love touring the dynamic space of your home- the kitchen. However hard parents try, children are literally on their toes, inspecting cupboards and discovering new things or even unearthing the long, lost items from the kitchen.

As careful parents, the kitchen should be made a wonderful place for your child to learn new things. Not just cooking, but a play-safe environment where they can observe the activities without mishaps. With the current trend of modular kitchen designs, child-safe setups now come at ease. While browsing through modular kitchen ideas, make sure you prioritise your child’s safety when planning to refurbish this space of your home.

Well, childproofing every space in the house or even your kitchen sounds insane, doesn’t it? But do you know which areas in your kitchen require attention from your side and clearly, less attention from your child’s end? Read more to find out exactly what you need to focus on!

Appliance safety and a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Fire and Gas

If available, install a safety grill on the stovetop to prevent burns from flame. Keep a domestic fire extinguisher as a safety measure. Always keep flammable objects away from the stove. If using a gas stove, have periodic checks for gas leaks or loose contacts anywhere. Check for hot surfaces in the kitchen, before you let your child move around the space.

2. Sink and Garbage

Keep away sharp knives and utensils from the sink. Keep all electrical items away from the sink as it can cause electrocution if contacted with water. Also, soap dispensers pose a threat for chemical ingestion, if not placed at a height above reach. Make sure to segregate wastes and place a lid for the garbage cans to prevent waste from coming back on those clean floors (blame the terrible twos)!

3. Refrigerators and Freezers

Small and colorful magnets are pretty exciting for toddlers, keeping them out of reach prevents choking hazards. Strictly, no ‘hide and seek’ inside the fridge. For extra safety, keep glass bottles, dishes, batteries, and films of the side shelves inside the fridge

4. Dining Area: 

Repair wobbly chairs and stools and remove foldable chairs when not in use. If the dining table has a central pedestal, ensure your child’s safety by not putting him/her on the sides to prevent falls. Always check for sharp edges, rusted nails or splintered wood to avoid injuries. Keep all fragile vessels, glassware and chinaware away from your child’s reach, preferably in closed spaces.

5. Drawers and Doors

They will open and close, they will even hang on the large handles. That’s what children love. To prevent such accidents, try to install handleless cupboards or drawers when planning out modular kitchen ideas. Magnetic catchers can be used in the swing doors of base units to make it less accessible for children. 

Here’s our list of more general child-friendly modular kitchen ideas and tips:

  • Sharp edges and corners pose a hazard. Most children run around kitchens like it’s a playground, so consider cushioning or installing protective guards around the sharp edges and corners to keep them safe from injuries.
  • Child-safe locks are a good way to prevent unwanted opening and closing of cupboards (yes, kids find them just as fascinating as toys), child-safe locks can be installed onto cabinets, cupboards, and drawers.
  • Electrical safety is just as important. Little holes in the wall interest toddlers- install safety plugs today! Unplug all small appliances (toasters, kettles, blenders, processors, etc) after use, especially the ones easier to reach by hand.
  • Keep those bottles and glasses out of reach. Party’s over, and now keep those alcohol bottles and wine glasses out of reach. Children are always ready to try what’s not meant for them, get the point? Cleaning up a mess of bottle shards with a kid in the mix is not fun! 
  • Dispose of the bags tied up to prevent choking hazards and keep the aluminum foil boxes out of reach to prevent scraping of their little fingers on the serrated edges.
  • If your child uses a highchair, keep it away from potentially hazardous zones. 
  • While carrying hot food or liquids, never carry your child with the opposite hand as he/she can pounce and cause spillage. 
  • Non-skid mats and rugs- invest in them to prevent bad falls and nasty injuries. Keep in mind, children keep running around. 

These are some of the handy tips which we think are useful for your child’s safety within a modular kitchen design. For an inquisitive and bubbly toddler, keeping the kitchen child-safe is a necessity than a choice. If you have a little explorer at home, consider childproofing your modular kitchen. For more details, contact +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23

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