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How the Right Handles to go with your Modular Kitchen Design will Change your Life!

Vintage Wooden Style Kitchen

Getting your home decor to match your taste is a tough task especially when selecting from your dream modular kitchen ideas. Kitchen, being the heart of every home, demands a lot of your attention. Cabinet handles are one of the few overlooked areas when it comes to either designing or remodeling your kitchen. Here’s some fair warning, the best interior designers all over Kerala say this practice is a big no-no. 

It is very important to handle the handle correctly, right from the perfect style that will complement your decor to the practicality and usage you want out of them. 

Here are a few tips on how a handle can make or break your modular kitchen design.

Functionality comes First

Test out the handles that you pick in advance and ensure that they are made of good quality keeping your style of usage in mind. Essential Factors to consider include the handle grip for all family members and their comfort quotient. 
Expert tip – A blend of practicality and style is sure to win the game. Keep your modular kitchen material and installation price in mind too.

Style is Second

Is your home decor leaning towards classic, traditional or customised furniture and fittings? Well, so should be your kitchen handles. Choose from classic or vintage options or go the traditional route with handy steel ones. If nada to both and standing out is more your style, customised options, each different from the next or designed to match a theme, it is! Who says a handle can’t give character to your cupboards? To ensure there are no unpleasant surprises, keep your budget in mind too!
The type of handle determines a bit of both the above points too.

Type comes Third

The type of handle determines a bit of both the above points too.

You can go for handy Pull-out Handles that do what they say and come in a choice of decorated or simple ones both. 
Pros – Ease of usage and compatibility with all cabinet styles. 
Cons – Clashes with vintage kitchen styles and may hamper practicality if not placed conveniently.

Or choose the olden but golden route with Classic Knobs that will grace your cabinets with a vintage vibe. 
Pros – Versatile options in metal, wood, ceramic, etc., Need a single drill hole for fitting. 
Cons – Higher chances of the handle falling off, the lower surface area for usage especially for quick and tough use.

Go off the edge, literally, with Edge Profile Handles that can be placed either vertically or horizontally along your cabinet ends. 
Pros – Offers a slick, handleless illusion, looks modern and functional. 
Cons – Even lower surface area than knobs, clashes with other styles except for minimalistic or modern designs.

Try out the old-school approach with Traditional Stainless Steel Handles passed down generations for their ease of use
Pros – Low maintenance, water-resistant, and easy to clean. 
Cons – Lacks on the looks side, especially for modern or vintage designs.

Love for being unique got you? Here’s your handy handle to go – Stylish or Customised Handles that offer a signature look to your modular kitchen design and add an element of character to your decor. As each style differs, you can choose your pick of pros and cons with this one.

Sounds like a lot for you to ‘handle’ on your own? That’s what our expert interior designers in Kerala are here for. Reach out to us for a consultation on kitchen designs or handles at  +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 Handle it wise, handle it well!

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