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Wonderful Wallpapers for WOW Living Room Designs

A fantastic way to glam up living room decor is to highlight the walls. There is no better way than splashing colors on it or creating a statement with trendy wallpapers. While wall paint works well for living room interior designs, wallpapers are easier to coat and leave no mess or splatter, unlike paint. 

The variety of designs, colours, and textures available for wallpapers express a person’s individuality and style. Hands down, wallpapers for living rooms are splendid options for personalizing a home!

From chic to rustic, we found a few wallpapers that will make you go ‘wow’! Save these inspirational designs for your living room makeover.

  1. If the overall home design stands untouched by modernity, vintage styles in living rooms are a great way to add some charm. Wallpapers with an antique touch, that pairs well with the traditionally styled sofa and other accents can give the interiors a classy look. 
  2. Create a cool space in living room designs with geometric patterns and funky designs on wallpapers!
  3. If modern art mesmerizes the artist in you, give the wallpapers a chance to showcase art. Modern living rooms with abstract art on the walls is something to look forward to! 
  4. We’ve all heard of Moroccan design tiles, rugs and crockery. Fans of this design take note! As graceful as it looks, Moroccan wallpapers for living rooms are sure in trend and have a touch of class. 
  5. With dainty floral or botanical prints like these on the walls, isolate one essential colour and repeat it in accessories and significant pieces of furniture across the living room for a chic look! 
  6. For a fresh feel, try a terrazzo print on wallpapers that gives off neutrality in the space. Create a style appeal by using vibrant pieces of furniture to complete the look.
  7. Give the lounge an instant glow up with bright colours and pop patterns on wallpapers. Pick sharp tones from the wallpaper and incorporate them into the soft furnishings. 
  8. Love wood? Give the living room walls a fake wood cladding wallpaper to give it a real impact.
  9. With faux wallpapers, exposing brick walls and stacked stones are so much easier! Use it on one feature wall and pair it with neutral furnishings and accessories. Less faux wallpapers are better in modular homes as more than two in a room would give a diluted effect. 
  10. And finally, textured wallpapers emulate the look of warmth and subtleness. Give the living room walls an intriguing finish with it!

When choosing wallpaper design for living rooms, stick to a theme and be confident with what you choose. Thankfully, wallpapers can be changed over time if you decide on another living room makeover! 

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