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Why you should Insist on a Detailed Agreement before Finalising a Modular Kitchen Vendor!

Here’s what a good agreement must entail.

An agreement must always be two things- well-drafted and well-detailed. An agreement between a client and a modular kitchen vendor isn’t just a single page document. 

Ideally, it is supposed to have multiple elements, all of which detail out the client’s requirements, measured drawings of the site, a detailed design plan, quotation, and a document listing out the complete scope of work. 

The process must be centered around the client and their family to producing a modular kitchen of their price range, style, and requirements. The signing of the agreement is an important step that marks the next stage of your relationship with a modular kitchen vendor and securing your trust is something that every interior designer must strive for. 

Let’s take a look at an outline of the detailed agreement style that Bespoke Decor, an exclusive Sleek modular kitchens dealer in Kerala, follows. It is recommended that your modular kitchen agreement should have the following parts too: 

1. Your Requirements: 

A kitchen is most often the central space of any home and is one where a handful of family members spend the majority of their time preparing meals for the family. At Bespoke Decor, we start off the process by urging our clients to fill out a questionnaire that we label the ‘Kitchen Need Gathering Form’. Listed below are some of the different aspects of the Need Gathering Form: 

  • As part of this easy-to-fill questionnaire, we start off by collecting information on their basic intentions of an overall kitchen remodel or renovation (a few people request additional storage, some want improved functionality, while others crave aesthetics). This gives us an idea of what to focus on when designing the space and gives us a starting point for the process. We also urge clients to list out what they want to keep from their current kitchen and what they would like to add. 
  • Following this, the client and designer sit one-on-one and have a discussion on the work triangle and individual zone-based requirements. Once all the zones are covered, the clients discuss their individual requirements outside of the zones that the designer can incorporate into the notes and include in the final site drawings. 

The details of this form are discussed between the client and designer, after which both parties sign off on it.

2. Site Drawing with Detailed Measurements 

An outline of the kitchen plan and its elevations, remodel or renovation designs, and additions to the site are detailed out with site drawings. Measurements must be well-denoted and right to the very millimeter. This is very critical because all modular kitchens are made to order and any variation can result in you getting a shoddy kitchen. 

Keeping all of the client’s alterations in mind, ‘Discussion Notes’ are then prepared listing out details of what has been agreed upon. These notes also spell out what is included as part of the quote and what needs to be paid for separately, again necessitating the signatures of the client and the designer.

3. Kitchen Design along with 2D/3D Drawing

At this stage, with most of the modular kitchen ideas made, clients select the finish for their modular kitchen. This is the final stage of the planning process. An approval from the client on the detailed quotation is all that is needed to proceed.

4. Detailed Quotation

The detailed quotation explains what all is covered in the modular kitchen price and what is not along with the complete scope of work. On sign-off from the client and designer, what follows is the implementation of the design by getting the pre-drilled modular kitchen units made in the factory and installing it in the site, when ready. Your modular kitchen is almost a reality.

Other than these four aspects, a modular kitchen agreement may also include documents requesting to photograph the space on completion and other miscellaneous permissions. 

Make sure that your modular kitchen vendor hands over a detailed agreement with all these aspects. Contact Bespoke Decor at  : +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 for more information.

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