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White, Wood, Pastels or Colour Wardrobe Designs?

Pick your favourite!

Ever wondered how your wardrobe could be a style statement? Designing a modular wardrobe is not just a storage unit anymore, but an essential element that will complement the interior design scheme of a bedroom. The way we deck up wardrobes matters on the outside too.

That’s right, we’re talking colours! Wardrobe colours matter and it defines your bedroom aesthetics. Take a look at some of the most popular wardrobe colours that move with time, and we’ll tell you why we love them too!

1. Pastel wardrobes

Designing a modular wardrobe with light hues that add both warmth and brightness is a wonderful choice. Using a two-colour pastel combination of wardrobe designs creates a spacious look of the room. These soothing tones are great for master bedroom wardrobe designs, as well as kids wardrobe designs. Subtle shades like creams with dusty jades in combination with ivory are a delightful two-colour combination of wardrobe design.

2. White wardrobes

Well, you cannot go wrong with white. It’s classy, charming and adds a touch of serenity to wardrobe designs. If you have a small bedroom, opting for a shade like white for the wardrobe design could make the room look a little spacious. Not to forget, white wardrobes reflect light, which adds to the space factor. White colour veneer finish wardrobe designs are beautiful in bedrooms.

3. Coloured wardrobes

Yes, we love colours on wardrobes. But there are certain colours we do not recommend unless it’s your only choice of a dream modular wardrobe design. If your walls have neutral or lighter shades, choosing a dark coloured wardrobe design would look perfect. But remember that solid dark wardrobe colours can impart a dull look to your bedroom if the walls have a dark shade too and are not Vastu compliant if you believe in this science.
Bright colour combinations like yellows and whites on wardrobes are ‘happy’ colours, and mixing up elegant shades work well for a bold look too! Dark wardrobes can make the room look smaller, hence going for a two-colour combination of wardrobe design that compliments your bedroom walls would be a great choice

4. Wooden wardrobes

This wardrobe design gives an earthy yet traditional look to any bedroom. Indian homes love wooden wardrobes for their charm and panache! Elegant shades of browns (cherry, oak, mahogany and teak) could be used to customise a wooden wardrobe design that will highlight the bedroom aesthetics. Moreover, wooden wardrobes are durable and easy to maintain.

Choosing a colour for your modular wardrobe design need not be compulsory, and the spotlight may not always be on the wardrobe. But it brings light to your bedroom features. If you think a wardrobe colour would look good in your room, get in touch with us!

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