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Wherever the Fancy takes you- The Fanciest False Ceiling Designs

Find your ‘fancy’ with these opulent false ceiling designs that can change your living room!

If you’re someone who is drawn to easy and simple false ceiling designs, this article is surely not for you! On the other hand, if the magnificence of Dubai’s glittering gold palaces and the colourful glass paintings in French cathedrals are more your style, then you’re surely in the right place! 

Here are some spectacular and grand false ceiling designs for inspiration:

1. The Stained Glass Ceiling inspired by European Cathedrals

If you like the feeling of bathing in a warm glow of coloured lights, the stained glass ceiling is a beautiful and vibrant option to choose. It is the perfect balance of warmth, artistic and inspired by ancient architecture.There is a plethora of designs to opt from with intricate glass paintings or just geometrical patterns painted in vivid hues.

2 . Mural Ceilings inspired from Roman Chapels

If the Sistine Chapel and other Roman cathedrals have been an inspiration in the process of designing your house, then this mural false ceiling design is a wonderful starting point. If you’d like this in a slightly toned down and budget-friendly version, consider using a printed wallpaper for your gypsum ceiling design.

3. False Ceiling Design inspired from an Opulent Middle-Eastern Palace

Go all out on an ornate white and gold painted POP false ceiling design with designated drapery and grand chandeliers to give an appearance of living in a posh palace in a Middle-Eastern kingdom far away!

4 . Scandinavian-inspired multi-level False Ceiling

The Scandinavian style of design is defined by its simplicity, so you may be wondering what it is doing here, on this list! Simple false ceiling designs can still possess a lot of flair especially if they are created in homes with high ceilings with a staggered multi-level design with minimalist lighting.

5 . Victorian False Ceiling Design

A wood-grid coffered false ceiling design with a chandelier offers a warm yet luxurious Victorian feel to a living room. This would also look lovely in a Kerala-style tharavadu-veedu’s (traditional ancestral home) living room. 

6 . Futuristic Fancy False Ceiling Design

Abstract shapes in POP false ceiling design add an edgy element to spaces that require a fancy futuristic element. The use of cool tone colours like grey or blue would enhance the futuristic look further. 

So, which one’s your favourite? Let us know and let’s get working on it, then!

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