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Where should I place my crockery shelf?

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A crockery shelf is a design-effective space to store as well as display beautiful crockery and cutlery. The addition of this classic piece of furniture to your living room can make it look more seamless and well-managed. Crockery shelf designs are plenty and they can be made with most commonly found furniture materials. 

So, now you have purchased or planned for a stunning modern crockery shelf design; but you have doubts on where to place it. This article takes you through a few ideas regarding the placement of the crockery shelf, so read on until the very end for some fun inspiration! 

#1: Kitchen Crockery Shelf 

If one were to look at the most popular placement of the crockery shelf, without a doubt, it has to be the kitchen. There are multiple reasons why this location works- it’s discreet to visitors of the house yet lends an aesthetic and functional element. 

Keeping the crockery shelf in the kitchen has one drawback- it may need more frequent upkeep with regular cleaning leaving shorter intervals than when placed elsewhere. This is because the kitchen is a zone of high moisture, smoke, oil and dust. 

#2: Crockery Shelf in Dining Room 

Next on the list is placing your crockery shelf in the dedicated dining room space. This is a well-loved option amongst the Indian population because it makes upkeep fairly easy. It is suitable only in rooms where there is adequate space within the layout of the dining room. If not planned well, it could make the room appear cramped. 

#3: Crockery Shelf on Wall in Hallway 

If you want a modern crockery shelf design and placement, why not place it on the wall as a floating module in the hallway? This is fairly new and a fresh idea for those people who want something unique. 

The best part is that it would be easy to maintain, add visual appeal to an otherwise boring hallway and be functional in terms of storage. The closer to the dining table it is, you get additional brownie points! 

The only disadvantage would be that this design would not work in a smaller house with narrow hallways.

#4: Crockery Shelf to Separate Living and Dining Room 

For smaller homes with pre-designated floor plans where there isn’t room in the living or dining room or hallway for a crockery shelf, it would be recommended to explore making a ‘partition’ with a beautiful crockery shelf. This would separate the living and dining spaces while also adding a layer of functionality. 

Which one is your favorite placement for the crockery shelf? Tell us at Bespoke Decor and we can make it happen!

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