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What Not to Miss During a Modular Kitchen Renovation

Wall Cabinet Make A Modular Kitchen

Keep these kitchen renovation ideas and tips in mind!

You have seriously considered getting a renovation of your kitchen done and taken our advice on how to ensure a successful renovation. Let’s take your modular kitchen renovation knowledge one step further and discuss a few kitchen renovation ideas that you must not skip. Not paying attention to one of these factors may hamper the functionality, efficiency, storage capacity, or aesthetics of your final modular kitchen

1. Cross-checking Plumbing 

There’s a high likelihood of renovations in the kitchen involving some degree of demolition. This would require you to revisit an aspect you may not have considered before- the plumbing. Demolition and renovation may come with unexpected leaks, lower water pressure, or clogs, issues that you will have to address immediately. 
However, with an expert like Bespoke Decor by your side, put your pipeline worries in the pipeline- they will prepare for and handle it all! 

2. Gas Pipeline Rerouting 

If adjustments or rerouting of your gas pipeline is recommended during a renovation, approach a professional to complete the task for you to ensure both efficiency and safety in the process. 

3. Cross-checking Electrical Points & Lighting 

Electrical renovation is a tricky subject in itself and only a trained electrician can look after a renovation involving changes in aspects of electrical points and lighting. This may involve wiring for your modular kitchen appliances, kitchen lighting switches and regulators, to name a few. Again, leave it to the experts to come up with solutions that work most efficiently for your space. 

4. Kitchen Finish Planning 

Improved aesthetics is almost always an expectation of a kitchen renovation project. Colours and textures of kitchen finishes go a long way in enhancing the appearance of a space. Choose options that are suited to your location as well as your family’s taste. See how your finish choices play into your complete kitchen outlook and plan the styling accordingly.

5. Painting or Wallpaper

Whether you like a bright and sunny pastel coloured kitchen or a dark avant-garde matte black instead, painting can make or break the complete appearance of your kitchen. Go for tones that settle in well with your overall theme and are in sync with the cabinets you intend to install. Add a pop of art with a wallpaper that ties in well with the overall appearance of your modular kitchen

6. Flooring Changes (if any)

Changing your kitchen flooring is an ambitious task. It is recommended that flooring be done after painting the space and that it complements your kitchen colour. Kitchens are a zone with high degrees of contaminants so choose flooring that will be easy to clean and maintain. Also, consider the effort that goes into laying all-new flooring and estimate if you are ready to undertake such a mammoth task.

Leave your renovation worries at Bespoke Decor’s doorstep! Contact us at +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 to get the process towards your dream kitchen started!

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