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What not to do in Living Room Designs

living room design no-nos!

Taking on a little area requires thinking, care, and ingenuity, whether it’s a pocket-sized room, a studio flat, or a complete house that’s more cosy than vast. Living room interior designs should reflect your style, and the importance you give to it. 

When our personal plans get too personal in living room designs, we tend to break the whole point of aesthetics in living room ideas. Let’s just theorize that not all living rooms are perfect. Sure, the internet has a thousand tips to design terrific living rooms, but what could you possibly not do to break the charm of it? 

1. Random furniture layout 

When considering seating elements and centre tables for living rooms, avoid placing them in a haphazard pattern. Give way to move around freely, take out pieces of furniture that do not fit the room and do not mount the TV high up on the walls! Think ergonomics. 

2. Too much or too less of lighting

Living room designs cannot do with just one chandelier or too many accent lights in every corner. Light fixtures move with time, hence getting the ones that fit the layout and theme is equally important. Always remember to have enough lighting in the room, natural or ambient! 

Not trying to give off negativity here, but this is what you should not do when planning for a splendid living room design. Did you notice the ‘not’ in the previous sentence? Take note!

3. Selecting the wrong seating 

Choosing a sofa design that does not compliment the living room interiors is a big mistake that many homeowners tend to make. Mixing modern furniture with worn-out and traditional styled movables is yet another false step when refurbishing the area. Place the sofa a little away from the wall as it gives an illusion of more space.    

4. Dark furniture in low ceiling living rooms

If you choose dark furniture for a room with a low ceiling, it will appear compact and crowded. Go for neutral coloured furniture in such cases. 

5. Cheap wall accents 

When considering wall art for a modern living room design, refrain from elements that do not guarantee longevity, tawdry materials and low-grade art prints that alter the originality of the picture.  A well-furnished room with tacky decor? No, please!

6. Wrong rugs

We’re talking size and colour. Choose a rug that envelopes the space which fits your furniture legs. Do not choose sizes that are extreme for the room space. But here’s a pro tip, if you have a small rug elegant enough to not throw away, layer it above a large rug. 

7. Improper curtain hangings

Style your living room windows the right way by hanging curtain rods a little above the window frame to give the room height and openness. Avoid short lengths, low-maintenance fabrics, cheap designs and colours that break the look of your living room design.

8. Too ‘matching’ for the eye

Do not give your guests a feeling that everything in your living room was bought from the same store! Try a little mix and match, add a pop of colour to neutral-themed living rooms, and give it a welcoming feel instead of making it ‘too precious to spend time in a living room. 

9. Hoarding too many things

No living room should look cluttered and that’s a golden rule! If you love collecting things, invest in a good shelf and arrange it aesthetically instead of leaving it open on centre tables and side tables. Photo frames can actually look good on a wall too, just saying! 

Although minor design errors such as picking the wrong sofa size or hanging cheap artwork may appear insignificant, the tiniest blunder may have a dramatic impact on a space, especially in a modern living room design. We’re sorry if these mistakes are still prevalent in your living room, but here’s a good shot at correcting it!  

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