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What Everybody Ought to Know About Base Cabinets

It’s all about the Base (Cabinet): Base cabinetry can make or break your kitchen remodel plans!

Base Cabinets

Kitchen base cabinets are the backbone of any kitchen, creating efficient storage solutions below your kitchen countertops. While kitchen cabinets are sometimes placed on the ground, experts suggest choosing a design for your modular kitchen cabinets wherein they have a significant amount of space between the floor and its base so that you can ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen.

The Cooking Triangle and its implication on Base Cabinet design

A kitchen needs to be both aesthetic and functional- that’s where the concept of the Cooking Triangle or the Kitchen Work Triangle comes in. When designing a kitchen from scratch, it is this triangle that orchestrates kitchen traffic flow that forms the foundation for your modular kitchen style.

It is a good idea to plan out your base cabinet modules around this to make sure that your kitchen has an efficient workflow. Keep in mind that your kitchen cabinets must be placed appropriately for the purposes they are intended for.

Different Base Cabinet Types

Base cabinets that can be found in basic kitchen designs for good storage, aesthetics, and functionality are listed below with their most common usages. We have also added a few personalisations we could lend to that specific cabinet based on client requirements or a few helpful tips to enhance the modular kitchen style. It is advisable to use a mix of these base cabinets and add a few bespoke cabinets in addition to this, to best suit your tailor-made requirements.

1. Hob Cabinet

Placed below your hob, this base cabinet is specially designed to suit the size of the hob and could measure anywhere between 600 to 900 mm. This cabinet’s design is so made that the cutting of the hob does not interfere with its internal structure. In the less likely event that you don’t have pipeline gas, you may need to consider setting aside a base cabinet adjacent to your modular kitchen’s gas stove wherein a cylinder sized provision can be made.

How can you personalise your hob cabinet with our help?

The interior of the hob cabinet can be transformed into a set of drawers or shelves based on your needs for additional storage. For a gas stove and cylinder setup, it would be wise to design it to be optimised for use- all clients would prefer rolling in the gas cylinder into position instead of having to lift and place it. Don’t break your back (and bank) with our help! 

2. Under-Sink Cabinet

In most instances, the cabinets under the sink are underutilised for the potential they possess. Using your under-sink cabinet for either keeping your wastebasket or stocking your cleaning supplies will ensure good use of the space.

A helpful tip for under-sink cabinet

As a client, we take your needs into prime consideration before putting forth our plans. If you intend on keeping your garbage bins in the under-sink cabinet, we would recommend a pull-out set of trash cans. This is more functional, aesthetic, hygienic, and easy to maintain. 
However, if you have a separate area of your kitchen dedicated to waste, you could use this cabinet to stock all of your cleaning supplies. Our tip would be to speak to your dedicated expert who can work out stunning inbuilt storage baskets or racks to best suit your needs. 

3. Bottle Pull-out Cabinet

In the case of slim storage units to house bottles, brooms, or a step-up larder unit, this type of cabinet is used. Based on its contents, it may have either a single or bifurcated shutter. 

4. Corner Base Cabinet Units

Wastage of space is something us interior experts never appreciate, so in L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens, a corner unit is a must-have. You could either opt for an L-shaped storage unit or a blind corner unit coupled with various storage accessories to fit your individual needs.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

A few suggestions on how you could modify your corner cabinets

A swinging pullout lower cabinet unit is ideal for corners as they efficiently utilise the space and expand storage solutions for pots and pans. The pullout model will also allow you easier accessibility as compared to your other options. If you don’t want the storage to encroach onto your kitchen floor space, a Lazy Susan type of corner cabinet would suit you better. 

5. Drawer System

This is one Pull-Out storage mechanism that even the most basic of kitchen plans incorporate into their designs. Based on the depth of drawers you’d like and depending on what you intend on storing there, you could opt for a 2 or 3-drawer setup. 

Here’s how we could take your drawer system up a notch

Drawers may seem like something that everyone knows their way around but one of the design experts on our team could optimise these little spaces for maximum storage with some great organiser options. [

6. Shelf Cabinets

Extremely common and very easy to adjust to your desired size and width, the shelf cabinet may have either single or double shutter cabinets and can be versatile in terms of size.

7. High-front Drawers

A high-front drawer is usually a good option to stow away large appliances or storage items (blender, mincer, or those enormous rice storage cans to name a few) which are larger than 400mm. These drawers, in addition to allowing housing these items, can come with an inner drawer for optimum use of the extra space. 

8. Cantilever Cabinets

A cantilever cabinet by definition does not have any support on the floor or legs to keep them up but is attached to the wall with a cantilever mechanism. They appear to be floating about the surface with a defined space below the cabinet. This makes it easy to maintain kitchen hygiene and can lend an instant edge and give oomph to your kitchen immediately.

With an idea of these base cabinets in mind, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision regarding your kitchen remodel. Any aspect can be tailored to best suit your individual needs and the experts on our team with ample cabinetry knowledge can lead you onto the path of manifesting your dream kitchen

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