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We can Help you Find the Right Kitchen Sink Faucet

The features that enhance the look and feel of a kitchen gives prime importance to the accessorising elements too. No kitchen is complete without a kitchen sink and tap, is it? With a lot of varieties available in the market today, beautify your space with the ones that complement your kitchen, and of course, your ideas.

Kitchen faucets are not just fixtures to support your kitchen sink, but a vital necessity that aids in the cooking process, and just many other things around the kitchen. Now, how do you know what kitchen faucet to buy when there’s plenty available? That’s where we begin.

How do you select a kitchen faucet that suits your space?

  • Analyse your kitchen design and choose from the variety that goes best with the style.
  • Know the design of your kitchen sink before finalising on a particular kitchen faucet. Count the number of compartments in the sink and choose accordingly.
  • Consider the spray functions for ease of usage. 
  • Know the valves before buying a kitchen faucet, because the material is just as important as the design of the faucet.
  • Stay up to date with the faucet styles and know what design suits your kitchen sink– traditional or modern, there are just so many to choose from!
  • And lastly, the finish. With a variety of forms, select the finish which suits the aesthetics of your kitchen.

While selecting a kitchen faucet, keep in mind the design, features, materials, and other accessories like kitchen diverters that go into a kitchen faucet. Softening bubbler, foamer and improved cleaning factors are essential for a good kitchen faucet. Always opt for good material and prioritise the longevity of faucets. A good quality kitchen faucet will go a long way without having to compromise on time-to-time repairs. 

With features like pulldown, pullout, and 360-degree rotations, kitchen faucets can utilise the select space in the kitchen sink. Hot and cold water supplies are included with the new kitchen faucet designs. 

To talk about the designs in detail, we have categorised a few common designs that move with time. We tell you the pros and cons of each design, so choose wisely!


1. Pull-down type kitchen faucet

Keeping your sink spotless clean is a challenge, but these faucets can help you with just that. With a goose-neck design, these faucets can reach every corner in the sink when you pull down and extend the faucet to wash vessels.

  • These faucets can reach every corner of the kitchen sink, making it a non-challenging process of washing pots and pans. No water splash and can be used in deep kitchen sinks.
  • Despite the access to small corners, these kitchen faucets are difficult to use in hollow sinks. The pull-down feature restricts the stretching of the faucet too.


2. Pull-out type kitchen faucet

These types of kitchen faucets come with the feature of pulling out the handle. Designed in this particular way, the spout head can be removed and moved around to different niches of the kitchen sink. The pull-out type faucets are preferred in small kitchen sinks. These faucets also come with a finger button to adjust the flow strength and temperature of the water.

  • It has a long hose and can be detached for ease of usage. These kitchen faucets are the best choices for smaller kitchen sinks.
  • Causes a lot of water splash!


3. Single-hand faucet

Most common, yet simple and plain sailing. The lever of this faucet can be utilized from side-to-side and up-down motions. Ball, ceramic, disk or cartridge types are available.

  • Easy navigation, simple installation, and hassle-free repair.
  • Switching water temperature is time-consuming.


4. Double-hand faucet

To make use of the hot and cold water tap features, these kitchen faucets are available as compression washers and cartridge faucets. A variety of shapes are available for these faucets too.

  • Simple installation. Also, come with separate taps for hot and cold water.
  • The repair of the parts can be expensive.


5. Motion-detect Faucet

These top-notch designed kitchen faucets come with a sensor installed motion system.  The faucet detects hands or utensils and operates with ease. Dealing with a messy kitchen can now get an easy solution with these latest kitchen faucets.

  • Saves a lot of time, prevents mess, and can be easily operated.
  •  Expensive and complex repair.

When planning out your kitchen accessories, always update yourself with the best in the market. With quality brands like Asian Paints Royale, Bathsense, Jaquar, Kohler, Grohe, and Delta, we at Bespoke Decor can help you finalise the one best for your space. Contact +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 for details and more.

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