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Wardrobe Lighting Design in the Limelight

Guidelines, tips and tricks on lighting up your wardrobe !

Organizing a closet with bespoke wardrobe interior design has become one of the top priorities in bedroom decor. Wardrobe lighting has recently gained lots of importance when it comes to wardrobe design to ensure its functionality, beauty and guarantees its long-term success. It has become an essential part of the wardrobe interior design process.

Why do we need wardrobe lights?

    • No matter the size of the wardrobe, whether it is a small wardrobe design or a huge walk-in wardrobe, lighting it up offers it a chic and updated look thereby transforming the space like never before. 
    • Wardrobe lighting in the given space also provides a sense of luxury in itself.
    • Appropriate lighting in designated corners helps us find apparel and jewelry. It can also be used to search for small items of clothing easily. 
    • It can be a great boon for people who have weaker eyesight making it easier for them to locate things easily inside the wardrobe.
    • Lighting up the inside of the wardrobe also saves a lot on the cost of overall bedroom lighting. We don’t need to always turn on the bedroom lights to search for something within the wardrobe. This would prove to be an energy-saving mechanism in the long run. 
    • It gives a pleasant and aesthetic feeling when the interior of the wardrobe is lit up, leaving no dark corners.  
    • Good wardrobe lighting allows for even more space utilization. It allows us to keep our belongings organized and clutter-free.

Type of Wardrobe LightsEvery section and shelf of the wardrobe can be customized with different lighting fixtures based on the requirement of that area. It is not necessary to provide the same light design throughout. In addition to this, even the intensity of the light can be adjusted for various sections.

General lighting- 

    • Chandelier or pendant lights have been used inside walk-in wardrobes to give that touch of elegance.

Task lighting-

    • Drawer lighting- 

Drawer lighting can be used separately and they are activated as soon as one opens the drawers. They help illuminate the entire drawer in one go and are another energy-saving mechanism. LED lights are one such example.

Accent lighting- 

    • Strip lighting-

Strip lights can be used to illuminate areas under hanging rods or roof sections. Sensors can also be added to save time instead of always using switches.

    • Rail lighting-

The use of rail lighting helps create the perfect ambiance and aids in showing clothes in their true colors. It also amps up the overall appearance of the wardrobe. 

    • Ribbon lighting-

Ribbon lighting can also be used above clothes creating brightness at both ends to provide better visibility.

    • Base lighting- 

Base lighting can be used to give a bolder look to the cabinet as well as a contemporary floating look.

A beautifully executed lighting design can add a luxurious effect to your bedroom, highlighting all the features of your wardrobe, as you like it. Different types of lights along with different wattages can give the desired warmth and calmness to your wardrobe.

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