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Wardrobe Ideas That Won’t Burn A Hole Through Your Pocket!

Remain within budget and have the wardrobe design you love.

Storage spaces like wardrobes are a must-have in any home. The first step in planning to design a modern wardrobe is to estimate the space required to fulfill this key requirement. Fortunately, the latest wardrobe designs can be customised according to one’s personal choice, and better- the budget. 

Do you have clothes that won’t fit inside your jam-packed wardrobe? Or are you someone who has a spacey wardrobe with just fewer accessories to adorn it? Well, we suggest you think about remodeling your existing space into a modular wardrobe design that accommodates all your needs.

An ideal modular wardrobe, with exquisite multi-purpose functionalities, can work on space management by combining features like a bookshelf, cupboard, drawers and even a TV cabinet. In India, some of the best moving modern wardrobe designs are fitted wardrobes, cupboards with lighting, the classic wardrobe design, and wardrobes with an integrated TV cabinet.

How you can tick off the budget list when planning on refurbishing your wardrobe design:

  • First and foremost, know what your needs are. Check the space required for placing the wardrobe, and plan a wardrobe design for the bedroom that goes with the architectural layout. 
  • Select the best suitable wardrobe design material.
  • After selection of the material, estimate the cost of getting the wardrobe design done. 
  • Decide if your wardrobe interior designs need extra accessories or fittings, and note down how much to spend. 

How can you assess the cost of your bedroom wardrobe design?

  • Choose your material wisely- 

The core material used for designing a wardrobe is a critical aspect. Shutter finishes, as well as wardrobe boxes, add to the cost. You can choose to go with materials like heat-resistant plywood which is durable but expensive or go for cheaper options like fibreboards. Considering the outside finish, choosing a laminate goes easy on the pocket, but shutter finishes in PU are expensive. 

  • Storage spaces- 

When organising your wardrobe, take into account the number of drawers, trays or boxes you will need. If not done in a wooden wardrobe design, choosing materials like plastic may be economical, but not aesthetic. 

  • Never miss out on calculating your wardrobe hardware like shutters and their finishes. The more advanced a shutter design is, the more expensive it could get. Sliding or folding shutters cost you more than hinged shutters.

It is always a good idea to keep in mind that whatever modular wardrobe design you pick, this should be something that you’ll love to flaunt! Unpractical designs with less or more space can leave you all the more confused, if not well planned. When you’re ready to explore your best wardrobe design options, leave the rest to us. 

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