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Ultimate Buying Guide: Answering 3 Microwave FAQs

An inbuilt microwave is a great addition for good functionality and aesthetics in a modular kitchen.

Many customers are confused when it comes to microwaves. Frequently asked questions from our customers include “Microwave vs oven– what’s the difference?”, “How many types of microwave ovens are there?” and “Which microwave oven is the best?”. Through this article, we will attempt to answer all these questions so that you can make a decision on which microwave works best for your individual needs.

Of late, the microwave has become a must-have kitchen appliance in Indian homes. People have realized the benefits of using the microwave’s powers to make their cooking process quicker, use fewer utensils, and make it mess-free. With the advent of YouTube and people experimenting with cooking different cuisines, many people even opt for a microwave with an oven for two-in-one benefits. A few decades ago, microwave price was unaffordable to the middle-class family but that is no longer the case. People believe that it is an addition that adds value, saves time, and makes their work easier.

The benefits of a microwave oven include: 

  • Quicker cooking than the conventional cooktop or hob
  • Lower electric energy consumption than other electric cooking equipment 
  • No external heat, flames, or smoke generated
  • Safer to use can be used by children too 
  • No large-scale food spills 
  • Healthier cooking as nutrients are preserved


Let’s get to answering the frequently asked questions on microwaves.

1. Microwave vs Oven

Microwave is just a shortened version of ‘microwave oven’. It refers to those kitchen appliances that use microwave radiation to heat food. Heating in a solo microwave happens from the inside out. Basic microwaves cannot be used as an oven (for baking or grilling) unless they come with those add-on features. The primary function of a microwave is to reheat food.

However, an oven is a completely different appliance. Ovens have a different mechanism where electromagnetic radiation is not used, but it has a heat source with a fan instead which raises the temperature of the cooking chamber. Cooking in an oven happens from the outside in, unlike microwaves.

2. How many types of microwave ovens are there? 

Based on their style, microwave ovens are categorized into two. 

  • Freestanding microwaves 

These are bulky and large microwave ovens that are usually seen in most kitchens. They are often placed on the kitchen countertop and occupy an expansive space. 

  • Inbuilt microwaves 

The appliance of choice for a newly-designed modular kitchen, the inbuilt microwave is integrated into your kitchen design to create a more ergonomic cooking experience where you needn’t bend down and the microwave shall be at eye-level.

Based on their desired function, microwave ovens are categorized into three.

  • Solo Microwave

This basic microwave type can only be used for reheating food and basic functions, apt for small families or bachelors. However, they are not suitable for grilling or baking purposes. Due to their limited functionality, they are also the most pocket-friendly option. 

  • Grill Microwave

This variety of microwave ovens come with the equipment and functionality to grill the food in addition to the reheating function. This option is particularly useful for people who prefer healthy cooking. With options ranging from rotisserie chicken to delectable kebabs, the grill microwave is the perfect calorie-conscious cooking assistant in the kitchen. 

  • Convection Microwave Oven 

There is generally a lot of confusion on whether an oven and microwave are the same. Get the best of both worlds by investing in a convection microwave oven. This is the top variety where all functions ranging from baking, grilling, reheating and cooking can be performed interchangeably. 

3. Which microwave oven is the best?

The microwave oven suitable for one household may not be acceptable for another. It is important to ascertain your needs to arrive at a decision on which the microwave oven would be the best. Our recommendation would be to choose an inbuilt convection microwave oven so that complete functionality and aesthetics are granted using just a single appliance! 

To get the best microwave solutions for your modular kitchen, reach out to Bespoke Decor! 

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