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Trending Carpet Designs for the Living Room

Are you ready to transform your space with carpets?

When modern living room interiors need a facelift in terms of style and accessories, floor coverings get a top place on the list. While rugs are a common find in homes, carpets are making a grand comeback concerning the comfort and fashion in modular homes. As a fact, the current trends in carpet designs are worth looking out for! 

Apart from the comfort it gives to the feet, carpets in living rooms are elements that add vibrance and charm to the space. Thinking of giving the living room floors a makeover? Consider these carpet designs of today that are so in vogue! 

  • Colour, creativity and powerful patterns that rule the floor; Consider carpets that are adorned with patterns for small living room spaces. They make the room look much bolder!
  •  Make a chic statement with carpet tiles that were once thought to be suited to hotels, since they could retain spillages and hide stains. Currently trending in home designs, abstract art on living room floors can be made possible with this flooring pattern. 
  • If living room interiors go with a theme set for the modular home, choose carpet fabrics that complement the whole composition. Warm colours, neutrals and fiery bright tones add glamour to living rooms. To elevate the look of the floor, choose simple furniture and amp up the carpet fabric colour! 
  • Neutral shades in minimalist living room designs are very much here to stay. Create a serene atmosphere in living room spaces by choosing calm shades like beige and blush for the carpet designs. 
  • For a luxurious appearance of the living room design, opt for solid coloured woollen carpets that match the interiors of the space. An added benefit of this material for living rooms is that it’s easy to maintain, making it a popular choice among homeowners.
  • A chic boho carpet in living rooms creates a contemplative look when paired with cosy couches and indoor plants. 
  • Elemental designs like fitted sisal carpets are still fresh in 2022! Perfect for homes with minimal detailing yet a touch of contemporaneity, jute and sisal carpets are never a bad choice.
  • Make a chic statement with carpet tiles that were once thought to be suited to hotels, since they could retain spillages and hide stains. Currently trending in home designs,
    • Bring texture to living room designs through carpeting the floors. The texture does not always have to be on the walls and curtains, the floors in living rooms are a perfect way to add a comfy feel! 
    • The power of stripes can be made prominent on living room floors by incorporating them into carpet designs. As much as it visually elongates the room, striped living room carpets are an all-time classic pattern. 

    Abstract art, unique patterns and creative elements on carpets speak of the personality infused designs in living room designs. Get the floors talking with peculiar patterns, and make it the ‘one to look out for!

While carpets in living rooms may not be for everyone, it does not let down the aesthetic factors that come with them. Embrace the changes that come with modernity and consider flooring to be important in new homes. Thus, we feel floorings are the foundation for any room. So start with a great carpet and the rest will fall into place! 

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