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Transitioning from a Kid’s to a Teen’s Wardrobe

How to make the shift, from a wardrobe design perspective. 

When it comes to interior design, the main goal that all designers have is to create a space that is meant for the end-user. Very often, though, when it comes to designing a home, the kid’s bedroom and wardrobe design is made consulting the parents or caregivers- and not the actual person who will use them.
Giving children a sense of independence by allowing them to make decisions about their rooms results in more mindful design. As a parent or caregiver, you can lay down the foundation to what the room must entail based on your budget and assessed needs and then give them the free will to choose certain aspects based on their liking and interests. This article takes you through the different things to keep in mind when creating a kid’s wardrobe design, one for teenagers, and how to make the shift between the two, when the time comes.

Things to keep in mind for kid’s wardrobe design

For younger children: 

If you believe in the Montessori approach as a parent/caregiver, the child is given a lot of autonomy in decision-making processes. A Montessori wardrobe can be used by most parents and is a favorable kids’ wardrobe design from a holistic perspective. 

A child is encouraged to choose their outfits every day- and therefore, a Montessori wardrobe is ideal for their size. Keep in mind the rules of wardrobe ergonomics and apply them to your mini! 

To put it simply, this wardrobe is small attuned to their size and neatly organized with adequate display counters for kids to choose the outfit they want. A combination of racks (sized to your child’s height) and baskets that they can easily access within an open wardrobe is desired. You could consider having a hinged wardrobe or a sliding wardrobe design but be sure to keep the safety implications in mind. Having fewer options for children to choose from is the desired approach- parents are advised to arrange seasonally appropriate clothing out and keep unusable clothing in other storage units that are inaccessible to them (can be a cupboard at an adult’s height in their room or a within a portion of a cupboard in another room). 

For older children, the same can be modified to accommodate a lot more as they develop a better understanding. At this age, children have more of an inkling towards certain passions (sports, art, music) so space can be designated within their wardrobes to arrange items of interest. For safety reasons, it is better to stick to open shelving and a curtain or a gentle sliding door design can be considered for concealing their wardrobe. 

Up until the child is old enough to understand, it is the caregiver’s responsibility to designate an area for every item within their wardrobe so that it can be organized efficiently.

Things to keep in mind for teenager’s wardrobe design

Teenagers are closer to the height of an adult- so the wardrobe design must pertain to that requirement at first. As your child grows older, they demand an increasing need for privacy. It is advised to make the switch to modular wardrobes with enough drawers, shelving, and cabinets for them to use.
Involve your teenager in the process of selecting a wardrobe design for themselves to make for a more successful overall outcome.

Navigating the transition between kid’s and teen’s wardrobe through design

The furniture that was perfect for your kid at a younger age may not be suitable as they grow older and get bigger. If you don’t have younger kids to reap the benefits of the kid’s wardrobe designs you so lovingly made, it is possible to easily upcycle them to serve a different purpose.
If you associate with an interior designer early on, it is possible to brainstorm storage solutions for children that grow as they do- the solution lies in adjustable shelves, storage baskets in designated spots within the kids’ wardrobe design as well as add-ons to cater to their increasing needs for privacy and technology as they grow older.

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