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Top TV cabinet designs for the living room

What’s more relaxing than curling up on the couch and watching a favourite TV show with your loved ones? Well, television has become an almost unavoidable element of a modular home. And most of the time, it finds a place in the living room. 

To break it down, television units have evolved dramatically in terms of style and size, and modern TV cabinet designs have gained popularity over the years. With the exception of functionality, a modern home requires a TV cabinet design in the living room to uplift the aesthetics of the space. 

Take a look at the following TV cabinet designs for living rooms that are sure to pique your interest and inspire your ideas! 

1. Contemporary in neutrals 

To compliment contemporary styled furniture, get a TV cabinet design for the living room with neutral tones to keep it impressive. 

2. Marble finish 

A popular option among living room TV cabinet ideas, stone-finish wall tiles are trendy and complement a sophisticated living room design. 

3. LED light unit

For a fancy TV cabinet design in the living room, choose a style with a hardwood panel and LED strip lights for a sleek finish. 

4. Timeless styles

Create balance and harmony with a vintage TV cabinet design that matches the elegance of the living room design. Use high-quality materials like rich wood to fabricate the TV cabinet. 

5. Ultra-modern design

Give the living room interior design uniqueness with a stunning shaped TV unit mounted on the wall! The design makes it appear as if the circular wooden unit is directing all attention to the television.  

6. Concealed storage 

Fill this trendy TV cabinet in living rooms to fill all the extras lying around! This design has a closed shelving option specially designed for storage purposes. 

7. Gallery design 

This modern TV cabinet design fits flawlessly into a space with extra units for arranging decor accents that compliment the living room design. More like looking at a gallery full of art! 

The design of a TV cabinet in living rooms should suit the lifestyle of a home. In the end, it must blend in with the whole interior design scheme. Whether you’re looking to get an urban chic, traditional or minimalist-style TV cabinet in the living room, make it a statement to remember! 

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