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Top 5 Tips for Wardrobe Design

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Wardrobe designing is an essential part of interior designing these days. The wardrobe should not just be a functional unit but also furniture that adds up to the aesthetics of the room. It is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the room and it should be given lots of importance in its detailing and space planning. It should be designed in such a way that it uses up space smartly and efficiently.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 tips that are recommended while designing a wardrobe:

1. Calculate the number of clothes against the space available-

It is always best if you have an idea of how many clothes on average you plan to store in the wardrobe. It is also a personal choice where some people would like to keep other accessories or books or install a TV cabinet in their wardrobe. All these factors should be taken into consideration along with the size of the room available.
Keep in mind that the wardrobe shouldn’t occupy maximum space in the room. So, plan accordingly in advance as to how many clothes you intend to put inside and how much wall space you would like to use before the final design

2. Ergonomics-

Being ergonomic is very important. You don’t want to place undue stress on your body every time you want to pick up your favorite clothes.
Always build the shelves or drawers that you wanna use frequently at a height that is comfortable for you to use daily. Keep your most frequently used clothes in those areas that are easy to reach. Plan and organize your wardrobe according to seasonal changes as well. The winter clothes can be placed above or below at a place which you don’t need to reach very often during the summers and vice versa.

3. Visibility-

Make sure all your clothes or accessories are visible once you open your wardrobe. You don’t want things to go unnoticed and be left untouched for an extended period.
Use accessories such as built-in lights, hangers, shelves, and glass doors to enhance visibility. Such in-built accessories save you time by not having to dig into difficult corners. Having such accessories and components also makes your wardrobe look very organized.

4. Decide your predominant cloth type-

Make your cabinet according to the type of clothing you predominantly have.
For instance, if you are a person with lots of long gowns and sarees, it is advisable to provide the majority of the spaces as vertical spaces with rails and hangers to hang in all your clothes. Kids would require lots of drawers or shelves as their clothes are considerably smaller and can be folded easily.

5. Wardrobe material-

Always see to it that you choose the right material for your wardrobe. There are plenty of options available in the market such as metal, wood, MDP, glass, etc. Every material has its pros and cons. Weigh in all the advantages and disadvantages to assess which is ideal for that particular room.
A wardrobe should always be strong and sturdy as it holds up the maximum things in the house. It shouldn’t wear off in a few years. Choose your material according to the climate of that region and also in a way that matches the overall tone of that bedroom. The above mentioned were a few tips that could help you get an idea of your dream wardrobe. These tips could be useful when you are strolling in a furniture shop keeping in mind the available space you have and what you need. These tips allow you to not go overboard and help you choose what is needed for your bedroom.

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