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Top 5 must-do tips when planning on a living room design

Don’t skip these steps

We can all agree that living rooms are one of the most important aspects of a home and keeping up with the design is an equally integral part of the process. When planning on designing the living room of your dreams, the thought of ‘where to start’ can be a challenge.

Tasteful decor, functionality and a fuss-free space is what good living rooms need. Although these are vague facts, first-time homeowners and those looking for a revamp of their humdrum living rooms can take a look at this list we have curated just for you!

The most important tips you need for a fine living room plan are right here.

1. The measurements

The design is more than just a single aspect of your living room. It is the most visible “shell” of your home and the ultimate location for family recreation. Apart from deciding on the theme of your space, know the measurements of your living room and picture the layout of the room design. This will assist in shopping for the right-sized furniture and other living room essentials. 

2. The style 

Truth be told, this is the difficult part where you decide how the living room will be used, what major elements should be accommodated and how it can be maintained. Consider the style you want to present. What works best in the house? Modern, contemporary,  retro, farmhouse or minimalist – these are just a few options to consider. Figure out what works best for your living room design and get ahead with planning the accents that suit your style. 

3. The sofa

The linchpin furniture piece of any living room, the sofa needs to be chosen with utmost precision. When choosing a sofa, make sure you don’t overdo the area when selecting an accent piece or experimenting with different seating alternatives. While you want your sofa to be comfortable, you would also want enough space to stroll about without tripping over other furniture edges, right? Get creative with throw pillows that match the seating and wall decor! 

4. The lighting

A combination of various light sources that match the interior design, including natural light, can pull the whole living room look together. Allow natural light to bounce around the living room by placing mirrors opposite the window. Make sure that each seat gets adequate light, natural or artificial. 

5. The accessories

Anything that makes a statement in your living room design should have a place in it too! A delectable centre table for living rooms, the right-sized rugs, classy curtains, creative accents like wall art and fresh indoor plants are inspiring features. If the living room is the most used room in the house, it is important to define these features to create a setting that makes you feel even more at ease.

From skillfully integrating a modish living room design to aiming for functionality, this chamber of the house should speak for its aesthetics and emotional values too. Every object in a living room should have a purpose, a personal touch of style and a position for its place. As for the five most important things we considered, there may be another five which are more important to you! 

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