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Top 5 Kitchen Styles for your Home in Kerala

Striking Veneer Combined With Matt Finish Handles Kitchen

Choose your aesthetic from the most-loved kitchen styles!

Aesthetics and functionality are the priorities of any space where kitchen interiors are completed. When you invest in curating a bespoke kitchen from scratch, keep in mind your family’s requirements, and tailor-make a kitchen that will work for you. 

In this blogpost, we shall be discussing the nuances involved in creating a kitchen style based on the aesthetic that appeals to you best. We have listed out the top 5 that appeal to the Kerala-based market and everything you need to know to create your dream kitchen with us at Bespoke Décor. 

1. Traditional Kerala Style

Feel the twinge of nostalgia every time you walk into your kitchen with the elegant and functional Kerala vintage style kitchen aesthetic. This one feels most like home with all the elements of the kitchen tying together in the Kerala home setting.

Opt for countertops with an iron copper appearance, contemporary backsplash options to plain tiles of a colour palette that suits traditional kitchens. To give your kitchen the traditional Kerala kitchen design, it would be a good option to choose wall and base cabinets with shutters made of natural wood. However, if you are concerned about the seasonal challenges that natural wood presents, why not opt for a material of your choice treated or stained to offer a similar appearance.

Our signature collection has just the thing for you- ‘The Epicurean’ would suit a traditional Kerala kitchen really well with its dark wood island counter and artistic elements. Choose a Kerala style mural painting to complete the look and don’t forget to customise the cabinet pulls in wooden finishes instead. 

Extra points for styling your countertop and glass-concealed shelving with traditional Kerala-style bronze and copper utensils. 

2. Minimalist

If you are someone who is drawn to a minimalist style and way of living, opt for cool tones like white with a hint of pastel shades for your overall kitchen. Maintain clean lines with an all-white kitchen with ivory countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, and appliances. For a pop of color, get the wall and base cabinets in pastel shades. 

For an all-white look, opt for the country-style Suave 5-piece Veneer Kitchen. If you’re more inclined towards pastel shades, our signature ‘The Nature Lover’ Sleek modular kitchen is sure to get your attention!

3. Opulent & Luxurious 

For a kitchen remodel, it is not uncommon for clients to want a design as opulent as the rest of their home interiors. Think high ceilings with ornate chandeliers, marble countertops and French-style cabinets. Modify your wall cabinets to darker wood stains to offset the marble countertops. You could also opt for a few glass concealed cabinets holding crystal and chinaware to lend an air of richness to your kitchen. Style with marsala elements and don’t shy away from getting a curtain swag from a local upholsterer. Curtains are not a good option in kitchens but offset your blinds with a curtain swag up top to complete the luxe look!

Our ‘Striking Veneer Combined With Matte Finish Handles Kitchen’ with its magnificent wood finishes can be the foundation onto which you build up the opulence of your dream kitchen. 

4. Futuristic

The futuristic style of the kitchen is a popular option these days. Speak to an expert interior designer to install ceramic or grey colored cabinets with bespoke lighting and interesting shapes for a kitchen that looks straight out of the future! 

Do not be afraid to experiment with different shapes for your kitchen cabinetry. Invest in good lighting to complete your futuristic kitchen look. Say no to all wood elements! 

You may love our ‘Minimal Grey Combined With Dark Ceramic Island Finish’ modular kitchen if you prefer the futuristic style. 

5. Organic

For a simpler kitchen interior design, the organic look is a client favorite. White walls with a light-colored backsplash and light-brown stained wood wall cabinets with a herb garden can breathe that air of life needed in a kitchen. This look is easy on the eyes as well as on the budget!

We have many modular kitchen designs to suit the organic kitchen look- our favorites are the ‘Enchanting Veneer Blended With Smart Corian Finish, ‘Laminate PU Combination’, ‘Vintage Wooden Style Kitchen’ and ‘Superb Handless PU Veneer Combination’ modular kitchens. Which style is your favourite? Reach out to us at +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23 to discuss your kitchen remodel! 

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