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Top 10 Living Room Layouts to Liven Your Space

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Designing a living room can feel exhausting, especially when it involves styling the space with a gorgeous theme, setting up the living room furniture and arranging decor accents that match. Not to forget, it should look flawless, isn’t it? 

Before diving into the ‘what-goes-where’ phase, planning the living room layout stands critical in all aspects. Begin by considering how the living room will be used. Have frequent guests? Or would you want to add a play area for children in a modern living room designWe’ve put together 10 trendy living room layouts to give you some ideas and inspiration for your home!

1. Symmetrical layout 

For small living room designs, balance is the way to go! Avoid too much clutter and place the furniture in symmetry. 

2. Room dividers

Choosing a stylish room divider is fantastic for creating practical zones in living room interior designs. 

3.TV section

By placing a long sofa opposite the TV wall on one end of an open-plan living room, create an intimate seating space. 

4.70’s style 

A large sectional in a retro style is your best pick if you have a large living room design. 

5. Just chairs!

For a minimalist style living room design, create a sophisticated layout with a thin centre table and two pairs of lush armchairs facing each other. 

6. Home office 

Designate a zone for relaxing and another for working in living room designs. Make distinctions by facing your sofa set in the living room away from your workstation. 

7.Storage options

Incorporate storage solutions in living rooms while providing adequate seating and space to move around. 

8. Child-Friendly layout 

Create a perfect little play corner for your little ones in the living room interior design! 

9. Take two!  

Keep two coffee tables with a stylish armchair, a bespoke sofa and a set of chairs so guests can have separate areas to hang out! 

10. Multiple entry points 

Designing a living room with multiple entry points should maintain the primary line of entry into the room. But it should be free of furniture backs, which makes the space feel larger and inviting! 

In fact, the whole look of a living room design can change just by switching up the seat arrangement and styling the space with additional decor accents. So make the most of what’s at home! 

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