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Things are looking up- All New Design Inspiration for the Ceiling

From false ceiling designs to ceiling fans and lights to impress! 

A flat white may be your favourite order at a coffee shop, but they definitely shouldn’t be the two adjectives used to describe the ceiling design of your hall or bedroom! With this article, things up there are looking up for sure! 

  • False Ceiling Designs 

False ceiling (otherwise known as fall ceiling or down ceiling) designs are an attractive addition to a living room or a bedroom to amplify the functionality and aesthetics of the space. 

Most patrons who like to keep things simple yet classy or have a smaller room to work with select a uni-layered ceiling in a neutral shade. However, if you prefer a pop of colour or a more intricate design, that can be designed as well. For larger rooms, PVC or POP false ceiling designs can be made to create an impactful room. 

  • Lighting Fixtures 

Lights can make or break the appearance of a room- so, prioritise the process of selecting lights for your living room or bedroom. Tubelights that were conventionally seen in homes have been replaced with fancier chandeliers and light fixtures. 

In combination with a false ceiling design, cove lights or gimbals would be a wonderful option. 

  • Ceiling Fans 

The latest designs of fancy ceiling fans redefine the word ‘cool’! Ranging from the sleek varieties with narrow propellers to the boho wide fan-shaped and curved vintage options. Some people opt to have a recessed fan within their false ceiling design or to skip the ceiling fan altogether and depend on an air conditioner unit for cooling instead.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

So, how do you want to change your ceiling? Get in touch with the experts at Bespoke Decor to brainstorm and make the magic happen! 

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