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These Luxury Finish Kitchen Shutters Will Leave You In Awe

Get to know about these pioneer kitchen shutters with unique designs.

When it comes to designing a kitchen of your dreams, all the elements that go into the assembly should define charm. Pushing the boundaries of the latest inventions in kitchen shutter designs, a unique amalgamation of design versatility and material performance now has a new name- Corian.

For sensational and impressive kitchens, choosing a luxury finish kitchen shutter like Corian will get your neighbors talking. Kitchen shutters should serve the purpose of functionality and durability. With more than just these hallmarks, Corian finish kitchen shutters remain a popular choice among the many splendorous options.

Why are Corian kitchen shutters in vogue?

Created with cutting-edge designs and high-end performance, Corian kitchen shutters have a marble-like finish with high resistance to cracking and stains. For intensive kitchen usage, investing in a shutter finish that sustains a great deal of labour will benefit in the long run.

Here are a few (more) remarkable features that make Corian finish the perfect option for kitchen shutters. 

  • Endurance 

These kitchen shutters can withstand nicks or scratches and can be removed with an abrasive cleaner or sandpaper. Humidity does not affect the quality of the Corian finish, hence making it a lifelong investment for your kitchen. Since the material is translucent, it gives an onyx finish to the shutter. 

  • Versatility 

A multitude of designs, patterns, and colors make Corian a versatile kitchen shutter finish. With utmost cleanliness, Corian shutters are easy to clean and leave no space for mould to grow. No framing is required for these unique design kitchen shutters.

  • The thickness

Corian kitchen shutters are thick enough to withstand the forces. The strength of the homogenous material makes it heat resistant to about 100 degrees Celsius. However, if the surface shows minor damages, it can be repaired without the hassle and restored to retain a seamless look.

The Dupont Corian Shutters are non-porous and easy to maintain. From minimal aesthetics to maximum appeal, these kitchen shutters are available in  Corian Matte to finish too. Kitchen cabinet hardware materials like kitchen handle also come in a Corian finish. 

With unparalleled standards that make Corian a distinctive kitchen shutter, the cost can fluctuate in terms of purchasing from authorized sellers. The Corian price can slightly be on the higher side compared to other kitchen shutter designs, but the investment is matchless with reference to adaptability. 

Smooth and elegant in looks, Corian shutter finishes are built in world-class mastery in science and technology. These kitchen shutters are timeless and never run out of glamour.

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