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The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Kid’s Wardrobe

Wardrobe With White Internal Partition

They may be tiny, but their imagination is a vast and vivid expanse of color and patterns. While designing a wardrobe, we need to take care of aesthetics as well as functionality. Let’s help you visualize a closet your kid would love to organise!

A Reach-in closet

A 36” width and 24” depth would be ideal for a wardrobe that incorporates drawers as well as wall hanging systems. This ensures all your kid’s storage needs are met. If your kids like to pick out their own clothes and it’s still too far for them to reach, keep a kid-friendly stool that is light so that they can feel a sense of independence in completing the process themselves!

A Wall hanging system

A low hanging rail is a great idea for the little hands to retrieve their school uniform or their favorite birthday party dress. The clothes can be ironed and hung neatly for the kid to pick out and get dressed and brings a sense of accomplishment in completing the task without help. You can perhaps leave the commonly used and their favorite clothing items on these low hanging rails and keep the clothes less frequently used in the shelves or railings above. 

Drawers and Baskets

Your kid’s toys and other precious collectibles can be organised beautifully using baskets. This gives a very tidy appearance while displaying all items the kid owns as well as better accessibility at playtime. It also reduces the chances of them losing their stuff. Drawers are very efficient organisers. All small items like socks, caps, innerwear can be arranged beautifully through the pull out system. Get cute organisers specially made to fit the drawers to segment them and keep them neatly separated.

Sliding doors 

A gentle-closing sliding door is the most comfortable arrangement for any user. It is safe to assume that your kid would love a wardrobe that he can fiddle with and imagine a world of Narnia on the other side! It’s fun and a safer alternative to getting their little fingers jammed.

Add Colour!

Incorporate your little one’s favorite colors in their closet space. Imagine a sky blue or baby pink cupboard made of lacquer. Maybe a full-sized mirror for your little stars to get ready with. A little space on the door for some of their artistic doodles or posters of favorite cartoon characters.

Let the wardrobe be a mini paradise for the apple of your eye! To get customised solutions and the perfect wardrobe for your little one, reach out to us at +91 90 20 10 70 22 | 23.

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