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The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe For Him & Her

A wardrobe and what it hides inside is a clear expression of who you are, more than anything else. The second most important feature in your bedroom (the bed comes first of course!), a wardrobe is not just another piece of furniture. The right wardrobe beautifully accentuates your room while offering all the functionality you want too!
When it comes to getting your favorite wardrobe in Kochi, here’s what the interior designing experts have to say. Read through to get over the herculean (though easily manageable when well planned) task of setting up a sleek wardrobe that comes with maximum space usage & minimum cost

Planning and Space Management

The success of any task rests on how well it is planned and selecting a sleek wardrobe is no different. Assess the amount of space you want your wardrobe to occupy before anything else. This will help you determine whether you want a wall-to-wall, stand-alone, or a wardrobe parallel with the wall surface. This also gives insight on whether you should opt for a sliding or swinging door closet. Our tip – sliding doors are more space-efficient in any room.
Also, if your room comes with a niche already cut out for your cupboards to fit in, your job is half-done! If not, a walk-in wardrobe is a great option for you too! The last factor here is to give a thought to the age and functionality of the wardrobe owner. Kids will love spaces to stack things up while elders might be more comfortable with hanging arrangements and drawers that can be ergonomically set. So, age matters!

Picking The Right Type

Choosing the type that suits you best is key. Our interior designing experts in Thrissur suggested these popular types of wardrobe you can pick from:

1. Hinge Doors

The definition of timeless and classic, hinge doors come with shutters mounted onto the cabinet using hinges. The best benefit – you just have to turn a door to see your entire wardrobe in one shot. Sleek, smart and simple is the word!

2. Sliding Doors

Our favourite, these wardrobes are chic and trendy with them fitting perfectly even in compact rooms. With shutters that smoothly glide on dual tracks and zero door clearance, sliding doors make up one of the sleekest wardrobe designs there is!

3. Walk-in Doors

How many times have you drooled over those celebrity walk-in wardrobes that go on and on? Every time, right? Here’s some good news, getting one of your own is not impossible. The epitome of luxury, walk-in wardrobes have more space requirements but are so worth it too. Add in sleek finish and plan the space well and Viola! wardrobe dreams come true.

Keep these wardrobe 1.2.3 on your mind
Done with the above, let’s set the finer details for your closet now! Don’t worry… it is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Accessorize like a pro

Choose the perfect accessory for your wardrobe. Build dedicated spaces for all your needs and go for organised and time-saving functionalities that’ll help you get ready in no time! You can go for the right blend of stacking and hanging options topped by special racks for everything from iron-boxes to drawer inserts.

2. Materialise your cupboard

The material that your cupboard is made from says a lot about your usage. Choosing a material that is sturdy and durable while also matching your decor and style is the right way to go.

3. Seal the deal with a finish

With ample finish options to choose from, namely classic laminate, stylish glass, modern and contemporary, acrylic etc. pick the one that closes off your wardrobe design.

Once all selected, pick out the add-ons like locks, handles and extensions based on what works for you.

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