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The Most Popular Living Room Colour Combinations

Which colour do you want?

The concept of colourful living rooms has been in trend for decades and has evolved tremendously with better interior designs to match the style. Choosing a colour scheme for living room designs can be quite the task, but it is indeed an essential aspect of the makeover process. 

Simply put, paint has the ability to drastically transform the look and feel of a space. Light hues for an airy living room, colourful shades like yellow for statement living room designs, and even dark hues like chocolate brown for a warm ambience are all unique examples! So, if you need some inspiration for living room colour ideas, take a look at what we have put together. 

1. Warm Reds & Cream

Red may appear to be a bold option and that too, for a living room design! But we totally recommend this variety for the colour’s warmth, cosiness and the appeal it has under artificial light. 

2. Pastel Play with Pops of Colour 

Pale shades are very much in fashion as the new neutral choice in living room design schemes. When paired with deep shades or a pop of vibrant colours, it creates an expressive intensity to the living room interior design. 

3. Very berry and soft hues 

A fresh design theme with shades of purple like berry and plum hues can transform the look of a living room interior design. Pair it with soft furnishings, earthy brown chairs, glass vases and plants to give it an eclectic style! 

4. Tranquil Taupes and white

Looking for a neutral living room design with a classy appeal and serene vibe? Try choosing a taupe shaded living room wall design paired with elegant furnishings and statement decor elements. We guarantee that it is sure to turn heads! 

5. The new Monochrome and white 

Blue tones play well together in patterns, especially with a soft shade like white. Pale blue looks great when paired with oak or chestnut furniture, which adds warmth to the space. These combinations look best in rooms with plenty of natural light. 

Beautiful living room designs can be done in a variety of colour combinations. The current colour trends reflect a shift towards brighter hues and clean finishes. The desire for comfort will evolve into a more positive enthusiasm, resulting in the introduction of brighter, bolder colour choices in our homes, including living room colour schemes. 

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