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The lowdown on choosing Living Room Colours

How boring would the world be without colours? While monochromatic interior design for living rooms are in trend every now and then, a few people like to revel in the beauty of colours! 

Choosing the right colour palette for living room interior design has a major influence on how it looks. There are a few ways you can make it easier to choose the colours you want for the living room and we walk you through that.

Aspects to Choosing the Colour Scheme for the Living Room: 

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that there may be many overlaps or contrasts in the information below- just because the way the colours are chosen are based on different methodologies. Also keep in mind that the information listed below and merely suggestions and eventually, the choice is yours. 

After all, your house is what you (and your interior designer) make it. Now, let’s get into it.

  • Colour Psychology 

Different colours have the potential to evoke different feelings, as is theorised by colour psychology. For a living room interior design, choose colours that make one feel calm, secure, positive and nurtured. 

So, what colours are recommended, you ask? These are the top picks for evoking these feelings in living room interior design

  • Brown: The colour brown is very popular in living room design and this is mainly because they evoke a feeling of reliability, stability and security. 
  • Blue: Next on the list, quite similar to the feelings that brown evokes, is blue. It makes people feel secure, stable and calm. 
  • Green: Green, in many of its different shades, is known to bring the feeling of calmness- and a top choice for living room colours. 
  • Grey: Grey is another commonly seen colour in living room designs and this could be attributed to how it makes a person feel a sense of balance. 
  • Yellow: Yellow offers a sense of hope and promotes optimistic feelings, making it a good option for living rooms.
  • Pink: Light pinks or blush shades of pink help people feel loved and secure.
  • Seasonal Considerations 

Some people love bringing the outside in- and this plays a major role on how they choose their living room colours. 

Botanicals are becoming increasingly favourable in the interior design space- an amalgamation of greens, browns and whites. This would be ideal for summers and spring. The tropical vibe would also be an ideal transition into rainy days. 

Consider tactile elements when redecorating for winter with fabric like rugs, upholstery and textured walls. 

Even decorating for festivals is an option- come November, spruce up the space with dreamy Christmas colour schemes to stay on a little past New Year. 

  • Vastu Compliance 

According to Vastu, people are urged to consider light colours and stay away from dark shades in the living room. White is what is most commonly recommended, followed by yellow. A shade of light green or blue could also be looked into.

  • The 60-30-10 Rule 

Last but certainly not the least, one could look into the 60-10-30 rule to get an idea of the colour scheme they want for their living room. This technique could be used in conjunction with any of the above methods. 

60% of the room will be in the main colour (includes most walls, major furniture and rugs), 30% of the room will be in a secondary colour chosen to rightly contrast the main colour (includes upholstery, accent walls and textile elements) and 10% of the room will be in the accent colour (includes cushions, accessories and paintings). 

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