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The Big Gas Stove vs Electric Stove Debate

Let’s compare the conventional gas stove and the electric stove and see who wins!

Your new modular kitchen is more or less done and you’re making the final decisions on the nitty-gritty daily use kitchen appliances you need. You may be someone who has gotten used to a Glen or Prestige gas stove, but you’re willing to consider making a switch to an electric stove- after all, it would look great in your new modular kitchen!

The comparison between the gas stove and electric stove begins at price and continues to include several parameters. Both come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s settle this debate once and for all- a gas stove or electric stove- which one is better? 

  • Safety Factor 

One of the major reasons most households switch from a gas stove to an electric stove is owing to the improved safety quotient of the latter. The risk of gas leaks is completely eliminated and there is evidence that fire-related incidents are lower in homes with electric stoves. Electric stoves are the preferred option in homes with very young or old people who may be careless or forgetful. 

🏆: Electric Stove

  • Maintenance 

There was once a point of time when people would toil over the gas stove after a tiresome day of cooking getting rid of the grime and stains. Weekly deep cleaning sessions were also mandatory for a hygienic stovetop. On the other hand, most electric stoves these days come with ceramic tops that are fairly easier to clean- all that would be needed is a damp cleaning cloth. 

🏆: Electric Stove

  • Kitchen Layout and Space Required

For those who have small kitchens, the amount of space that the stove would take is an important thing to consider. The space needed for a gas stove and electric stove both depend on how many burners are needed to fulfill the cooking requirements of the household. They both are available in several sizes which can be chosen based on your preference. 

🏆: Tie between Gas and Electric Stove

  • Gas and Electric Stove Price

When gas stove and electric stove prices are compared, it is clear that electric stoves are a little pricier. In terms of operational costs too, electric stoves ring higher considering electricity bills vs gas bills. 

🏆: Gas Stove

  • Energy Efficiency

Electric stoves are proven to be 34% more energy-efficient in comparison to gas stoves. This indicates that food is also cooked a lot quicker using an electric stove! 

🏆: Electric Stove

  • Temperature Control 

With the click of a single button, an electric stove can be switched on and begin the cooking process. Temperatures are easier to control and switch between in the case of an electric stove. Boiling occurs quicker in an electric stove. However, cooking is said to be more even on a gas stove. 

🏆: Tie between Gas and Electric Stove

  • Functionality during Power Cut 

This goes without saying, an electric stove would fail to switch on during a power outage whereas a gas stove would not. 

🏆: Gas Stove 

  • Aesthetics 

In the battle of which looks better amongst the gas or electric stove, the resounding answer would be the latter. It has a sleek and sophisticated appearance. 

🏆: Electric Stove

While it proved to be a very close call, the electric stove emerged as a clear winner. Which one do you prefer? 

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