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The All-Encompassing Beginners Guide to Modular Kitchen Chimneys

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Now that Kerala-style fish fry smell won’t reach your vegetarian neighbours!

The one addition you see in clean and smoke-free modular kitchens are definitely kitchen chimneys. Hands down, they keep your work triangle spick and span, not to forget, well-ventilated too. 

With a cosy home and an ergonomic modular kitchen in place- fitting a few of the prime kitchen accessories are more of a necessity than a choice. Without a modular kitchen chimney installed, how else would you avoid your favorite Kerala fish fry aroma from reaching your vegetarian neighbors? 

We sure have the best solutions for your kitchen ideas, not just to make it smoke-free, but cost-effective too. Read on to find out more.

What types are available in the market?

1. Wall Mounted Chimney

Fixed above the stove onto the wall, these chimneys add a modern touch to your kitchen. These chimneys are budget-friendly and best suited for smoke and spice intensive Indian cooking.

2. Island Chimney

Just as the name suggests, the stove stands away from the walls, and hence, the chimney is above the stove in an island fashion. These chimneys are best for a U-shaped or open kitchen layout

3. Built-in Chimney

With a seamless look, these chimneys come in box shapes. The parts fit inside the kitchen cabinet, making the chimney almost invisible. This decorative chimney radically reduces smoke and fumes while producing less noise when in operation.

4. Straight Line Chimney

This type of chimney is best suited for small-sized kitchens. It is designed in a way that it extends only halfway over the stove.

5. Corner-type Chimney

Compact and well-adapting to small spaces, corner-type chimneys are located just above a stove placed in the corner of a kitchen. These chimneys add a natural look to the corner space.

6. Curved Glass Chimney

These chimneys come with push buttons, allowing easy access to features. These are decorative chimneys which add a design-savvy look to your modern modular kitchen. Get to know chimney filters 


  • Aluminium type, lightweight and detachable
  • These filters are inexpensive
  • Can retain oil particles, fume or grease while only releasing hot air outside
  • Difficult to clean between the layers


  • These filters have a bigger space for air movement
  • Easier for airflow 
  • Baffle filters are dishwasher-safe and easy to dust
  • Expensive
  • Heavy in weight due to steel structure and pipes


  • These filters allow only hot air to pass
  • Charcoal granules absorb the grease and can be used for a ductless chimney
  • Since the charcoal granules cannot be washed, the filters have to be replaced once in a while

Which are the best brands?

Some of the best brands that keep pace with futuristic designs and technology for decorative chimneys are:

  • Faber 
  • Bosch
  • Elica
  • Sleek
  • Glen
  • Kaff
  • Siemens

When selecting a decorative chimney for your modular kitchen, always consult a specialist to choose a cost-effective set-up while choosing the size and calculating the suction capacity of a chimney. As a layman, pondering over these factors could be a challenge. Consult your nearest top-rated interior designer like Bespoke Decor to get your best options. 

Now that you are aware of the few designs and filter types, choose a kitchen chimney that compliments your modular kitchen. Still, confused? We are only a call away!

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