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Sunmica Design Wardrobes to enhance your Bedroom

Now emerging as a popular choice for wardrobe design

Sunmica refers to a specific brand of laminates available in India, but due to their popularity, they have come to represent the whole category of laminates. If you’re looking for a bedroom wardrobe that doesn’t compromise on quality and appearance but also is not too heavy on the budget, a wardrobe of Sunmica design may be perfect for you!

Laminates, in general, are sheets that are fabricated in a factory using paper and plastic resins. They can be used for a variety of purposes, right from kitchen wardrobe design to wardrobe design for the bedroom.

Sunmica Design for Wardrobe-

Here are a few of the points to consider when you invest in a modern wardrobe design using laminates (or Sunmica): 

  • Colour 

One of the major distinctions of a laminate finish is the versatility it offers in terms of the colors of the wardrobe. Right from vibrant red wardrobes to a subtle yet classy laminate wooden wardrobe design, nothing is impossible! 

  • Finish 

There are numerous finishes to choose from when it comes to laminates- keep things contemporary with a glossy finish wardrobe laminate or offer a classy look with a matte finish. 

  • Print 

A solid color for a wardrobe is just one of the many choices a customer could consider. If a plain design doesn’t fulfill your design requirements, consider opting for a print like a floral, patterned, or graphic motif of your choice. Textured finishes are gaining popularity too for their superior appearance. 

Advantages of Laminate for wardrobes-

  • Aesthetic 

Laminates are a very beautiful option for wardrobe exteriors. While veneers are made of real wood offering a superior appearance, laminates can easily replicate this when done with the right color and texture. 

  • Affordable 

One of the reasons that sunmica design wardrobes are such a preferred choice in the Indian market is their affordable price. 

  • Ability for Customisation 

Laminates are versatile, lending customers the ability of infinite customization of the wardrobe to match their individual preferences. Colour, finish, and print, as mentioned above, can be chosen based on the client’s liking. 

  • Extremely durable 

Wardrobe laminates are fabricated using machines, stain & scratch resistant, and are extremely durable over the long run.  

  • Easy to maintain 

Maintenance is a big factor when it comes to choosing a wardrobe finish- and laminates are very easy to clean. Using a damp cloth to wipe down the surface is all you need to do. 

  • Lightweight

The material as such is quite lightweight making it easy to install as well. 

  • Moisture resistant 

In a tropical country like India, it is better to opt for a material that is waterproof to prevent warping and damage from water.

Offering the stunning finish atop wood or MDF, it gives you the flexibility of working with different colors, prints and patterns- all at the long-term benefit of durability and available at an affordable price point.

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