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Style Within and Style Outside

Wardrobe designs for every style

Gone are the days of hoarding clothes inside traditional cupboards with outdated wardrobe designs or simply finding space to stuff it all inside corners of a bedroom. From treasured jewellery to simple ties, how would it feel to have it all arrayed inside a stylish wardrobe with a pre-planned interior design

For people who love dressing up, minus the chaos of pulling out every piece of clothing, jewellery or even a matching sock, investing in a classy wardrobe with modern design is a wonderful addition to your bucket list. To accommodate the need for space and privacy, your bedroom is sure to be the best option to build a wardrobe! 

Now that you know why we insist on keeping a modern wardrobe, it is important that you know how to choose a wardrobe design that suits your needs (and style, of course!). Here’s a carefully curated list of factors to consider before deciding on the wardrobe that’s ‘the one’ for your space. 

1. The shape and size of your wardrobe

Be it a single or double deluxe-sized room, the architecture of the space design plays a role in deciding the size of your wardrobe. With modern home architectural designs, the layout of the rooms can make you pause and think if your idea of wardrobe would be a good fit. Discussing with an expert wardrobe interior designer should be the top priority in such scenarios.

2. The interior design of your room

Planning a modern and plush wardrobe inside a traditionally designed bedroom may feel like cramming ideas to just make it all fancy. Always consider the overall design of your bedroom, the furniture that matches the room and only then go all-in to decide the best match for your wardrobe.

3. The material to choose for wardrobe design

Yet again, choosing a modern or traditional style of wardrobe is purely your choice, but there are materials that make a design explain the same. The minimalist styles use materials like glass and mirror wardrobe designs to accentuate contemporaneity, whereas woodwork is preferred for making a timeless and traditional wooden wardrobe.

4. The door style of the wardrobe
Accessing the wardrobe would be to opt for hinged doors, walk-ins, or just letting it slide (we mean, literally)! However, the door styles can vary in expense, finishes, space optimisation, visibility and durability factors.

5. The storage space you need
Be it clothes or accessories, the number of compartments in a wardrobe will depend on the quantity of all that you choose to put in there. This includes drawers, spaces for hanging clothes, additional compartments for shoes and so on. Organising a wardrobe space can’t get easier!

Choosing a perfect wardrobe for the bedroom can be quite a task. Additionally, fitting matching accessories like hangers, spaces for boxes, divisions between closets and including other elements to the wardrobe will add up in the process too. Above all, ensure that the aesthetics of your wardrobe and bedroom complement each other, making it a treat for the eyes! 

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