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Small Living Room Design

Do you feel your room is too small? Do you feel all cramped up, sitting in your small living room? Do you feel that your living room is crowded with lots of furniture? If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to all of these questions, you have come to the right place!

It is a common notion to feel all of these, especially if your living room is small. Keep in mind that with good planning, better design and the best team all these problems can be easily solved. Apply smart layouts, plans and creative strategies. This article will definitely give you the tips and tricks you need so that you will never want to leave your living room again.

1. Use of Mirrors

Using mirrors to adorn and cover your walls allows for more daylight to be reflected inside the living room space. This, in turn, makes the room appear bigger and cancels that feeling of the walls closing in on you. These mirrors can be accompanied with beautiful frames to give them an exquisite appearance.

2. Ceiling-to-floor Curtains

The length of curtains plays a major role in the illusion of how big a room looks. Make use of ceiling-high curtains to make the room appear longer and larger. Patterns on these curtains make the room look even more stylish. Don’t forget to take advantage of those high ceilings to make up for what you don’t have in the room’s surface area.

3. Sectional Sofa?

Small floor spaces and sectional sofas don’t go hand in hand. Instead, make use of smaller sofas and place them at opposite ends with a table in between giving more room to the existing floor plan.

4. Redo your Ottoman 

Reupholster your existing ottoman to give it a fresh look. It can be used as a coffee table as well to smartly save up on space. It can be used as an extra seating area for small kids or pets within the house.

5. Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic furniture has the greatest advantage of being transparent. This transparency gives an appearance of not taking up too much room space and serves as a great option for coffee tables, side tables and even chairs. 

6. Coffee Table with Storage

This is the perfect option for a centre table for a small space, it helps in providing hidden storage and also acts as a coffee table.

7. Large Rug

A larger rug covers the whole surface area of the room and gives a good visual appearance. Keep in mind, buying a rug with bold patterns makes the room appear bigger than usual.

8. In-built Shelves

Shelf design also is an important add-on in the living room floor plan. Ideally, it would be great if it is a built-in shelf that does not take up too much wall space. Another idea would be to use a floating shelf making it a decorative item in the living room. The third option, in case the first two aren’t plausible, would be using the bottom shelf as an extra seating place.

9. Floating Side chairs

Use of an extra sofa which is space-consuming can be replaced by using a swinging chair (like a single hammock) that does not take up floor space while also adding a fancy look to the living room.

10. White walls

Transform your room by painting your walls white. When coupled with good daylight, it gives the room a more spacious look. If not white, look for shades like ivory, cream and beige. 

11. Artistic walls

Another way of making your room appear higher is by using a wall for artwork that reaches till the ceiling.

12. Stylish Lighting

Don’t decorate your room with traditional lighting. Instead, try decorative lighting that hangs from the sides of the wall giving the room a more stylish appearance.

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