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Natural Light for the Living Room

Top 10 tips on how to make the most of natural light

Today, the two most precious assets that modular home designs need are natural lighting and good ventilation. A dollop of light is all it needs to brighten up any room in a house! In truth, many home owners fail to note these facts over pompous designs and chic home features. 

The glow and warmth that natural light adds to living rooms is quite the charmer. Interestingly, many homeowners cite ‘plenty of natural light as a requisite in dream living room designs to benefit its advantages. With plenty of natural light radiating into homes, living room designs bathe in rich spectrum colour that reflects a happy space! 

We bring you a few tips that you can give to optimise the flow of natural light in living rooms. Remember, there cannot be a way to make more exposure to light, but there are ways to make the light flow better!

  1. Be aware of the way living rooms face. Directions of light vary according to whether the room faces north, south, east, or west. 
    • North-facing living room designs tend to have limited natural light. 
    • Living rooms facing in the south direction have plenty of sunlight. 
    • East-facing living rooms will have more natural light during the mornings.
    • West-facing rooms will get sunshine in the afternoons, and the light will vary, as it does in east-facing rooms, from colder to warmer.
  2. Choose colours that compliment the room’s orientation. Make the most of natural light with warm notes like neutrals and pastels on living room wall designs. For a naturally-warm feel, pick colours like yellows, greens and blues to set in the maximum light. Alternately, pick cool shades like greys or cream-based tones to enhance warm lighting as the day goes on. 
  3. Invest time to clean the living room windows. Clear free of all the soot and debris that obstruct natural light to come into the room. Perhaps the most missed tip, but cleaning the windows will only require a glass cleaner and clean cloth! 
  4. Get rid of thick window frames, big cupboard shelves, heavy curtains and other light obstructing articles (this includes overgrown tree branches or shrubs too!) that stand in the way of seeping in natural light.
  5. Maximise natural light with mirrors! Not only do mirrors reflect good light, it makes the living room design appear spacious as well. As experts recommend, placing a good large mirror opposite the window can let in natural light, making the room feel airy and bright
  6. When choosing curtains, go for sheer materials like polyester blends or cotton that provide privacy and enough sunlight in living room designs
  7. Reflective floor surfaces like white tiles and glossy hardwood flooring can aid in a brighter indoor environment. When using rugs for the flooring, choose colours that are light, which accentuates the natural light in living rooms. 
  8. When planning on refurbishing living room designs, consider increasing the height of ceilings as it can trap and reflect more natural light.
  9. If wood, brick or plaster can be replaced, get an accent wall in glass for bringing in more natural light.
  10. Needless to say, a great way to get plenty of natural light in living rooms is to place skylights in living rooms. Modular living room designs look stunning with these! 

For living rooms to bask in bright natural light, all it takes is a deliberate effort from homeowners to incorporate it into home designs, keeping in mind that it will enhance their quality of life. Well, the best thing about natural light is that it doesn’t come with an electricity bill! 

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