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Must-have Modular Kitchen Accessories

You cannot do without these kitchen accessories making your modular kitchen more functional.

A well-organised kitchen is every home cook’s dream. A messy or disorderly kitchen says a lot about a person’s personality. A well-organised kitchen speaks volumes about the owner being meticulous with their tasks and their life in general. Not to mention, any orderly space is a pleasing sight to the eyes. A lot of kitchen accessories in the market help you achieve high standards within your kitchen space.

Here are some of the must-have kitchen accessories categorised based on its area of usage:

1. Cooking Area

  • Cutlery Trays

To organise your cutlery like spoons, forks, and knives, there are no better accessories than a tray that has panels where your cutlery fits in perfectly into your drawer or cabinet
Another option is the hanging style of organisers which have different areas to hang different types of cutlery. These organisers can be rotated to retrieve the desired cutlery. This type of organiser works better when placed on the countertop or in a crockery unit. 

  • Below-hob Drawers 

One of the two drawers must be of a smaller height to store pans, skillets, and the like while a bigger one should be installed to store the frequently used grains, rice powder, flours, and so on. 
Such an arrangement saves energy that would otherwise be spent in getting the concerned items from different areas of the kitchen by running around the entire space. Instead, all items that will be required one after the other are placed nearby.

  • A Bottle/Spices Pull-Out Unit

This is typically placed to the right or left-hand side of the hob cabinet, depending upon the user. This is used to keep oils, spices, and condiments which are required very frequently while cooking and they can also be arranged in an aesthetic manner.

  • Wicker Basket or Alum Basket for Vegetables-

These are also part of the cooking zone and keep the vegetables safe from contamination while also being concealed from an outsider’s eye. They prove to be extremely durable, easy to use, and are easy to clean. In other areas, these baskets could serve different purposes too.

2. Washing Area

  • GTPT

Generally referred to as a glass tray and a plate tray, it is kept just above the sink inside the wall cabinet. The use of the accessory is to keep the utensils like plates & glasses right after washing them and the water will be collected on the drain tray underneath. This helps to keep the rest of the areas dry.  They are sold in different sizes and are varied in terms of functionality. GTPTs are also available in different brands.

  • Plain Basket / Cup and Saucer or Plate Basket

Once the utensils are dried in the GTPT, they will be placed inside the cabinet. Plain baskets can be used to place general sized utensils. Cup & saucer and plate baskets, as their names suggest, can be used for cup & saucer and plates respectively. These baskets come in a variety of colours and designs and should be chosen in accordance with the colour scheme of the kitchen.

  • Bin Holder & Detergent Pull-Out

These are generally placed under the sink. Detergents and dishwashing soaps are stored here and this area is also used to place wastebaskets. There are fixed types and pull-outs available, depending on the usage and brand. 

3. Storage Area                                                          

This is the place where weekly stock and the dry items are kept in storage.

Half-tall and full-tall units are available and can be selected depending upon your usage. They are mainly used to keep dry items like biscuits, noodles, sauces and so on. 

  • Tambour Units

These accessories are used to keep the frequently used small appliances like juicer, coffee-maker, airfryer, toaster and mixer. This prevents less cluttering since they are often concealed and also prevents the misplacement of these appliances.

These can be used to store items that don’t get used very frequently in the kitchen. Examples of what could be stored here are large pots and pans, infrequently used cutlery and appliances too. These units help to utilise space more efficiently by using the otherwise untapped potential of corners. Install a carousel in your corner unit to allow ease of access. Depending upon the budget and usage, different types of corner units are available. 

4. Midway Accessories

These are small and effective accessories placed on the kitchen’s Dado space. This leaves you with more countertop space to work on while storing frequently used items like teacups, salt, sugar, spices, washcloths and some basic cutlery on a rack fitted onto the wall. With easy access and more countertop space, there’s no reason to dislike midway accessories! 


Feel-good and Creative Accessories

These tiny additions to your kitchen space, while not absolutely essential, are recommended as they make it a happier place to be in. Wooden shelves can be used to display your ornate and expensive cutlery while the rest are hidden away in cabinets. Drawers can be labelled and tasteful stickers can be put to know where the various items are. You could even make some space for a herb garden and have some potted plants on a stand, near the window.There is no limit to accessorize any given space. Make your kitchen into a dynamic space for a happy and convenient cooking experience with the use of some nifty kitchen accessories.

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