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Move over Hinge Wardrobes – Sliding Wardrobes are here to stay!

The sliding wardrobe door design is a new favourite.

Wardrobe design has become an integral part of interior designing. The need for storage units determines the size of the room that needs to be built. The majority of the things that we own require ample amounts of storage space and thus, we need to optimize every space available with the right storage wardrobes.
As such an amount of storage requires lots of space, sliding doors help in not taking up too much space in the room keeping it compact. As a part of interior designing, it is also important that we try to keep our wardrobe design sleek and chic. The sliding door design helps in not occupying too much space while also giving it an elegant look.
To put it very simply, a sliding wardrobe is a wardrobe where the doors slide from one end to another. This makes it look very stylish and futuristic, unlike the traditional open and close hinge-type doors. Sliding doors, when fabricated well, are very convenient to use and occupy less space.

Advantages of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

    • Uses lesser space in the room unlike the hinge varieties, where once the door is opened space is compromised.
    • Sleek design that is very aesthetically pleasing. 
    •  It is a great addition when we want larger wardrobes. Hinge door design on large wardrobes will end up having many compartments. However, by using a sliding door, we just need to use two doors that slide from one end to the other.
    • Sliding doors can also use up wall space.
    • They are available in various styles, designs, and colors making them more versatile and design-friendly than traditional hinged door wardrobes.

Different varieties of sliding doors to choose from

    • Mirrored sliding doors offer a full-length mirror attached to the door itself serving a dual purpose in addition to efficient storage. The mirrored door gives the room a spacious look as well. If you want to adhere to the rules of Vastu, keep in mind that you must refrain from placing mirrors facing the bed so make sure this is not the case. 
    • Vinyl-covered sliding doors provide a glossier stylish look to the sliding doors. 
    • Frosted glass sliding doors offer a very stylish contemporary look. 
    • Paneled sliding doors give an option of mixing and matching different colors based on the customer’s individual needs.
    • Wooden sliding doors also give a very classic appearance with a wide variety of wooden materials to choose from.

The sliding door concept is very unique and aesthetically appealing. It can be accommodated in a given space very well once we understand the functionality of the sliding doors.
Multiple designs, with various colors and textures to choose from, make sliding doors a very versatile concept to be used on our wardrobes.
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