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Most Loved and Unique Bedroom Wardrobe Design Colour Combinations

Which of these two colour combinations of wardrobe designs is your favourite?

Master bedroom wardrobe design is so imperative to completing the look of a bedroom and the wardrobe color combination plays a major role in how it finally turns out. Back in the day, bulky almirahs and wardrobes were all the rage due to their functionality. However, now the trend has shifted towards modern two color combinations of wardrobe design and walk-in wardrobe designs.The most loved and unique bedroom wardrobe design color combinations are: 

1. Mirror and Coloured glass shutters

If you want to make a small room look more spacious, getting mirrored wardrobes is a wonderful option as it offers the illusion of a larger space. However, Vastu recommends against using mirrors facing the bed, so do keep this in mind if you believe in Vastu. To bring in your favorite color to accent the wardrobe, add a touch of colored glass to the wardrobe shutter. The result is always as stunning as can be!

2. Ombre 

Ombre is all the trend at the moment- right from clothing to furniture. Take your wardrobe to a whole new level with ombre wood paneling fading out from dark brown to white. This would look particularly beautiful when the ombre pattern fades out horizontally in a sliding wardrobe design. 

3. Classic black and white 

For a classic touch, opt for the timeless black and white color combination. This would work in almost any type of wardrobe with white as the main color and black as an accent element. 

4. Teal and grey

Teal has become a favorite in the interior design circles- and for good reason. Pair this vibrant color with something a little more demure like grey. Another good pairing would be cream. 

5. Pastel shades with cream

If you find pastel shades appealing, then consider opting for a pastel shade of color like blue, pink, orange, yellow, or purple and pair it with cream for a stunning look! 

6. Navy blue and white

For a striking appearance, navy blue and white is a wonderful option for contemporary wardrobe design!

How people go about selecting their wardrobe colors for the design is based on several factors such as: 

  • Overall bedroom interior design and style 

When designing your wardrobe, it is important to consider the overall style of your bedroom. If you have a traditional-style bedroom, wooden wardrobe designs are recommended. For contemporary styles of bedroom interiors, opt for a modern modular two-color combination of wardrobe design. Bold colors are very nice for a kid’s bedroom!

  • Plain or Patterned?

Usually, plain wardrobe designs are chosen due to the ease to clean and maintain them. If you’d like to amp up the texture in your room and bring more definition, a patterned wardrobe is highly recommended. For a classy feel, switch up the conventional colors for a frosted or clear glass wardrobe design.

  • Vastu compliance 

If you believe in Vastu and would like to incorporate it into the design of your wardrobe, then it is recommended to stray away from dark colors. Rather invest in light colors and finishes that lend a layer of brightness to your room- like neutral shades, white, beige, and wood. 

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