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The ultimate guide on Modular Kitchens

The elements that make the heart of your home come alive!

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces when it comes to home interior work and whether you intend on just remodeling it or creating it from scratch, there are a few elements that you must look into to ensure an organised and optimised kitchen layout and plan. Kitchen design isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t a piece of cake either (but you could very well bake a cake there)!

Interior designers in Kochi have seen exponential growth in the popularity of modular kitchens in recent times. In Kerala, kitchen design has seen a seismic shift from traditional interiors in the kitchen to a more modern modular kitchen approach

Let’s dive right in and get a more detailed understanding of the basics of the modular kitchen interiors- you’ll learn about what it includes and what each module consists of. A cohesive balance between all these elements helps create a kitchen that is aesthetic as well as functional. No matter the style, every module has the following:


1. Countertop

These large horizontal workspaces are mandatory in every kitchen space. They’re also one of the most functional areas of a kitchen. It is crucial that you get your countertops fixed properly to prevent water seepage into the base cabinets. Reach out to an expert to avoid unfortunate circumstances in the future, which are preventable with good planning and work. 

Depending on your budget, you could opt for premium marble countertops or the more budget-friendly tile or laminate versions. Keep in mind that this is one of the first things that draws your eyes to the kitchen and do not hesitate to invest in the best.

2. Cabinets

These expansive storage spaces make your kitchen space appear clutter-free and organised. Individual cabinets can be customised to a client’s individual preferences and needs. 

Cabinets may be of several types-

  • Base cabinets flank the bottom half of the kitchen below the countertops,
  • Wall cabinets supplement the storage opportunities that base cabinets offer with more accessible options,
  • Tall cabinets can be used in larger spaces, and
  • Corner units ensure minimal wastage of space and maximum storage solutions

3. Shutters

The outer portion of the aforementioned cabinet is the shutter. They conceal the content of the cabinets with shutters of the clients’ preferred finish and colors. They play a major role in making a kitchen more visually appealing. Be sure to carefully consider the material, finish, and color of your shutters, keeping in mind your area’s weather conditions and your personal preferences.

4. Kitchen Accessories/ Hardware

To make your kitchen space a more accessible and convenient one, your accessories or hardware are important. This encompasses what comes inside the cabinet and they may be either functional or storage based in nature.

5. Appliances

What is a kitchen without appliances? Just another room! Appliances, in addition to completing a kitchen, offer a sleek appearance to the kitchen. Whether you intend on keeping freestanding appliances or are looking to install in-built appliances, do discuss your kitchen interior design idea with experts like us for a bespoke space! There are also heating area appliances in every kitchen space. 


6. Handles

Once all other aspects of your module has been decided on and your dream kitchen is inching its way closer to reality, stunning handles lend the air of magic along with their obvious functional benefits. They could be the conventional projected handle type or you could even opt for a more sleek inbuilt profile handle instead. 

7. Lighting

A well-lit kitchen appears more welcoming and airy than a dark dingy one. When it comes to lighting, it is important to remember the three aspects of kitchen lighting- ambient lighting which acts as space’s main light source, task-based lighting illuminating specific work surfaces or insides of cabinets, and finally, accent lighting to make your favorite kitchen elements come to life! 

8. Backsplash

And finally, the infamous kitchen backsplash. Considering the high intensity, water-extensive, work-ridden zone that a kitchen is, it would be unwise to not invest in a backsplash against your countertop to protect those surfaces. These could offer that splash of color that your kitchen needs to tie all its elements together! 

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