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Modern Modular Wardrobes

And why it is a great choice!

Wardrobes have always been an integral part of our bedrooms. Even though it is the most important furniture item in the room, it is highly underrated. Wardrobes have been only considered as furniture that is used as a storage unit and nothing else. Everyone’s mental picture of a wardrobe was just a traditional design of an item that was placed in a corner of the room serving just one purpose.

However, thanks to modular concepts now, wardrobes have another function- aesthetically utilizing a given space without actually occupying much space. There are some modular wardrobe designs that practically appear to be invisible in the bedroom until and unless it is opened.

Over the last few years, wardrobe designs have undergone a tremendous transformation that takes the bedroom appearance to a whole new level. There are multiple designs, layouts, and colors available for modular wardrobes, based on the requirements of the customer.

Advantage of modular wardrobes over traditional wardrobes:

  • Modular wardrobes come in various sizes
  • They can be fabricated using different materials
  • Modular wardrobes can be easily dismantled if it needs to be shifted, unlike the traditional almirahs which were heavy.
  • Modular wardrobes are not just pieces of wood or metal put in use but also engineered in a factory setting in such a way that they can provide maximum space utilization. 
  • They lend a sleek classy appearance to the room.


Below mentioned are a few examples of modular wardrobe designs that can transform your room:

  • A wardrobe with an in-built bed is a very useful design when it comes to designing a smaller room. The bed can be pushed back upwards after use creating a bigger space in the room itself. 
  • Walk-in wardrobes are the epitome of luxury of all modular wardrobes giving them a very classic, rich appearance and suitable for bigger spaces. Floor-to-ceiling modular shelves with beautiful lighting can take your walk-in wardrobe to a whole new level.
  • Wardrobes that divider walls can be used instead of actual walls create a demarcation for two different yet interconnected bedroom spaces.
  • Wardrobe extensions in corners of the room can also be used to make use of that usually unused corner space. They can act as great storage spaces for jewelry, smaller clothes, or even shoes. The L-shape appearance also gives an added chic look to the room. It can offer limitless possibilities even connecting two different walls and providing optimal storage.

Wardrobe designs have come a long way from their traditional style. Modular wardrobes have helped customers design the way they want- based on their use and personality. We now have the choice to decide how we want our storage units to look and how they can complement the room. It is no longer just a piece of furniture in the room but it is an art by itself that can take your room to a whole new level.

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