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Modern Minimalistic Modular Kitchen Ideas and Colour Combinations

White, grey, and black kitchen ideas are all the rage now!

The mood that a modular kitchen set is predominantly decided by its tone and there’s no dearth of options when it comes to modular kitchen colour combinations. There’s so much to choose from- some want timeless classics, some want contemporary and some opt for futuristic. 

Being in the industry for many years now, our experts at Bespoke Decor have felt a palpable shift in people switching their choice, more so in the past decade. There is a shift from luxury, vintage and classic styles with brown and white kitchen ideas to more simple, minimalistic, and modern black, white or grey kitchen ideas

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these modern and popular colors and if you would consider using it to deck up your modular kitchen.

1. White Kitchen Ideas 

For those who want to play it safe with a timeless classic, the white kitchen may work out best for you. It lends a clean and bright ambiance to the kitchen and works well with most accent colors. However, it would be more challenging in terms of kitchen cleaning and maintenance

There are three ways you could proceed with a white kitchen: 

  • All white 

An all-white kitchen is a bold choice that has the ability to look straight out of a catalog. Right from the cabinets, countertops, dado tiles, appliances to the lighting and kitchen accessories, keep everything white. An ultimate simple yet minimalistic design dream! 

  • Black and white kitchen ideas 

The black and white kitchen is a timeless classic and a favorite amongst clients. If solid black is a little too out of your comfort zone, then opt for marble with dark black veining instead. This can style your countertops and even extend the marble to tiles or backsplash. 

  • White and a pop of color 

Offset white with pastel shades or organic earthy tones and bring in a pop of green with plants or an herb garden if you’re in the mood for a neutral palate. For something absolutely experimental, opt for kitchen accessories, cabinets, and countertop styling with loud colors like yellow, blue, or even metallics.

2. Grey Kitchen Ideas 

Grey has slowly inched its way into contemporary Indian homes and is booming in popularity, owing to its simple yet minimalistic charm. The cool tones of grey modular kitchens are on a different page from the usually warm-toned Indian kitchen. Keep it classic with grey and white color combinations or opt for the more savvy grey-yellow, grey-pastel pink, or grey-turquoise combos.

3. Black Kitchen Ideas 

And finally comes Black. Black has always emerged as a winner for those families who want a bold yet beautiful modern modular kitchen idea. Black and white designs may be the classic, but black also works equally well with contrasting shades. Our favorite is the black-orange color combination. 

For ideas on modern minimalist kitchen ideas, head on over to Bespoke Decor to get inspired!

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