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Mirror Mirror on the Wall (or on the Wardrobe?!)

Here’s why you should get a wardrobe design with a mirror.

The one trick up every interior designer’s sleeve to design a small room to appear more spacious is the use of mirrors. So, naturally, the next course of action would be to create innovative wardrobe designs with mirrors- beauty and function, all-in-one.

Pros of having a wardrobe design with a mirror

    • It serves the function of allowing one to get ready easily. If storage and a seating area can also be included, it could very well function as a dressing area. 
    • When light falls on the mirror, it makes the room look brighter and more spacious. 
    • It is an attractive addition making both the room and the wardrobe look more beautiful. 

Customers with a full-length mirror attached to their wardrobe can attest to the many advantages this provides. It’s so much easier for women to drape their saris, for men to see how they look before they head to work and it makes for the perfect mirror selfie spot when you’re all decked up!

Types of wardrobe designs with mirrors:

  • Wardrobe with a floor-to-ceiling mirror design

If you want to use a mirror on your wardrobe to make a room appear larger than life, opt for a sliding wardrobe design with full-length mirrors on its surface. This adds an element of flair to the room and makes it look extremely sophisticated. However, you may have to reconsider the position of your wardrobe if it faces your bed if you believe in Vastu as this is contraindicated. If you want a Vastu-compliant full-length mirror, read on till the last point! 

  • Unilateral wardrobe door with mirror 

Having full-length mirrors on every door of a multi-door wardrobe can be a little overwhelming. If you want to play it a little minimalistic with the mirror, choose to have a full-length mirror on just one of the wardrobe doors. This serves the purpose of having a mirror on every inch of the wardrobe. 

  • Wardrobe mirrors with patterns 

If a full-length plain mirror is too overpowering for you, consider adding a touch of whimsy by playing with patterns. You could consider latticework, metallic embossing, mirrors of geometrical patterns or a 3D rendered design to breathe life into your wardrobe mirror. Each one of these pattern suggestions suits different styles of interior decor so make a decision wisely. 

  • Wardrobe design with framed mirror 

While the remaining options on this list so far have been types of frameless mirrors on wardrobes, a framed mirror is a beautiful addition too. Opt for a classic frame in the same colors as the wardrobe or a more colorful frame to make the mirror pop. 

  • Wardrobe pull-out mirror

For those who want to remain Vastu compliant when their wardrobe faces the bed and still want to have a wardrobe design with a mirror, the best wardrobe design hack is to install a pull-out mirror. This variety of full-length mirrors is elegant, concealed, Vastu compliant, and can be pulled out and undergo a 90° rotation. Which one is your favorite?

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