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Maximise Your Minimalism

Tips to make a small Living room look more spacious!

The concept of a spacious minimalist living room is not rare, but not common either. Gone are the days when homeowners stuffed every corner of the living room with embellishments and flower vases. Modernity calls for minimalism and the new living room designs deserve just that. 

Be prepared to bookmark all these handy tips that we’re about to give you!

1. Declutter

First and foremost, keep the living room interiors tidy. By rearranging things and removing all that is unnecessary, the living room chamber will naturally feel more open. As a rule of minimalism, keep one large painting instead of covering the walls with multiple frames. 

2. Floor accents

For small living rooms, large rugs can make the space seem lesser. So, keep the floor clear of anything that feels big. Getting a center table for the living room that complements the other furnishings will grace the room with elegance. A quick tip- wooden floorings look good as it is! 

3. Contrast and color

Light hues make any room look bigger, and it is a known fact! For living room wall designs, choose colours of the same family rather than mixing too many. Soft tones like whites, blues and greens are more inviting and make the room look spacious. Accent walls are another option to give a splash of colour to the walls without dominating the space. 

4. Mirrors

Small living room ideas get better with mirrors! Adding contemporary-style mirrors to the wall can make living rooms look fabulous. Instead of small mirrors, invest in a large piece as it reflects light and enhances the prominence of the room.

5. Drapes

Select light and airy drapes for small living rooms. Subtle prints and pastel shades work well for drape designs showcasing a minimalist-inspired look. 

6. Lights

Lighting that can be hung on the walls (or attached) can save space, giving the living room interiors a stylish appearance. If there is access to natural light, the better it is for small spaces. Experiment with bulb shapes that make a style statement.

7. Fabrics 

When the goal is to make a living room look spacious, try to avoid heavy fabrics for drapes, tablecloths and upholstery. Neutral tones and sheer fabrics will allow light to reflect, hence making it better for minimalist living rooms

8. Shelves 

Be shelf-smart about deciding what to showcase on living room shelves. The lesser, the better!  

9. Focal point

Establish a focal point in the living room, an area that seeks attention. Arrange the furnishings to bring attention to that spot, and limit the number of accessories in the room’s decor. Additionally, the diagonal being the longest straight line in any room can lead the eye along the longer wall when the furniture is placed at an angle.

10. Wall mountings

To save space in small living room designs, television can be wall-mounted and other accents that need storage could be placed on walls too. A minimalist clock in metal, a bicycle, floral embellishments and wall-mounted plants are examples to think of!

Small living room ideas may be limited in size, but not to designs. Elegant, sophisticated and carefully curated are the words that would describe a perfect minimalist-inspired living room. With these ideas, you could save more with what’s less! 

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