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Maintaining a Living Room Carpet in Tip-top Shape

Good maintenance is key to the life of a carpet!

Just like the furniture in living rooms needs polish and sparkle, carpets need maintenance to retain the charm it adds to the space. Maintaining a fresh ambience and a clean carpet in living rooms where people pass through frequently can be quite the task.

Food spilling by toddlers, pets moving around with dirty paws or house parties with a dozen people! There’s no surprise in knowing that keeping carpeted areas, especially in living rooms is a major task. Perhaps this reason is why the majority of homeowners avoid carpets! 

Dirt can settle beneath the carpet fibres if left in for an extended length of time, producing a breeding ground for dust mites and germs. Occasional cleaning and maintenance can keep the carpets

  • Stick to a ‘no shoes’ practice inside the living room. Wearing footwear can drag dirt from outdoors, and leave residues on the carpets. If going barefoot seems uncomfortable, get a separate pair of slippers for indoor use. 
  • As a strategic move to avoid stains and crushing, consider layering small rugs on carpets in busy living rooms. Rugs when placed in this manner acts as a decorative feature too. 
  • A bonus tip– The vacuum cleaner’s settings should be such that a small tug should be felt when cleaning, set neither too high nor too low.
  • When it comes to carpets in living rooms, the golden rule is to vacuum clean the material at least once a week. This should be done in living rooms that tend to have a lot of footfall and activities.
  • looking wonderful and additionally, may also help them last longer. Here are a few expert suggestions for keeping the carpets in living rooms spick and span!  
  • If organic stains like oil splatters settle on carpets, remove the excess with blotting paper and then clean it gently with a piece of clean cloth. After getting off the top layer of grease, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit over the spot. 
  • A bonus tip– do a patch test on a small area of the carpet before using chemical agents on it.
  • Remove stains that cause odour by adding a little baking soda to the carpet. Let it sit for a while, then mix an equal proportion of white vinegar and water to spray it on the surface. Clean carpet ready in minutes! 
  • Brush or scrub the carpet in the same direction as the fibres, or the threads in the cleaned place will point the wrong way when it dries.
  • When fabric snags form on carpet surfaces, instead of pulling out the threads, trim it with a sharp pair of scissors. 
  • Avoid furniture marks on carpet surfaces by keeping furniture coasters or moving the furniture regularly. Deep indentations occur when heavy furniture is left on carpets for long periods. 
  • Place doormats at the entrance , which will naturally prompt visitors to wipe their shoes on a place other than the carpets.
  • Get a carpet beater to remove dust grains before using a vacuum cleaner on the surface. This will help clean the carpet more effectively. 
  •  Dry out moist carpets in the sun, laying it flat instead of on a rack. Sunlight can kill microbes without using artificial heat, which may fade the carpet material. 
  • Lastly, consider steam cleaning or getting a professional deep cleaning service for living rooms once a year, to maintain the quality of the carpets. Steam carpets at least twice a year to maintain its appearance, but if you are prone to dust allergies or you have pets that lose a lot of hair, consider steaming it four times a year.

Carpets are susceptible to spills, stains and dirt. But over time, spot cleaning may not keep those lovely designs intact. Hence, these tips and tricks will help homeowners to make the chore easier than deciding against carpeting their living rooms! 

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