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Low Seating for High Impact

Have you ever been to a friend’s place and been impressed by the comfort of the low seating options? There’s a cosiness associated with low seating- they can give an all-new viewpoint to high impact interior design for living rooms. 

Benefits of Low Seating in the Living Room 

  • They are ideal for small spaces
  • They have an inviting and cosy appearance 
  • Gives a room a bigger feel
  • It is safer when there are kids in the house 
  • Usually light, making it easy to rearrange without much effort
  • More budget-friendly than traditional sofas 
  • Can be converted into extra beds for visitors
  • Can be used to supplement other higher seating options in the living room design

Disadvantages of Low Seating in the Living Room 

  • Ideal for young and fit people; will not be suitable for a home with people of older age groups or those with limiting health conditions 
  • Requires interior design elements of the full room to be adapted to the low seating- lower coffee tables, positioning artwork to meet the eye and so on.

Based on the advantages and disadvantages, take an informed decision whether low seating options are for you. If you do decide to proceed with low seating, let’s go on to explore the different varieties of low seating with high visual impact. 

Types of Low Seating for High Visual Impact to Consider: 

You could mix and match ideas, as you please to create a homey space with multiple seating options. Let the imagination run wild! Here are some of our top picks for this style of seating. 

For complete seating options, you could look at: 

  • Low Sectionals 

For those who are looking for that all-in-one interior design piece to transform their room, don’t look away from the mighty low sectional. It’s the perfect place to lounge and unwind- offering the feel of a cosy bed while also being a couch.

  • Majlis

This Arabic style of seating is common in the main welcoming or living room areas in large houses across the Gulf. It is also commonly seen in places that serve hookah. It adds a layer of comfort and an eccentric style which is unparalleled by none. 

  • Futon

Is it a chair? Is it a bed? No! It’s a Futon. A staple in bachelor pads, when styled right, the low seated futon could be really glamorous!

For standalone seating options to supplement other primary sofas, you could consider: 

  • Low Chaise Lounge 

Bye recliner, hello Chaise Lounge! For that one place to unwind and relax as you watch TV or slip further into to curl up for an afternoon siesta, look no further. 

  • Pouffes and Ottomans

Looking for a way to add more colour or texture to a room and supplementing seating? Pouffes and ottomans may just do the trick. They’re easy to move around, add a lot of style and are great for additional seating. 

  • Floor Cushions 

Another way to experiment with low seating without having to fully commit to it is with floor cushions. Don’t cheap out on your cushions (especially these gigantic ones)- remember, quality over quantity!

  • Bean Bags

No, you didn’t read that one wrong. The bean bag IS a low seating recommendation, which need not be stuck to a games room or a kid’s bedroom. Just get the colour and texture right and you’ll be surprised at the potential it holds for styling. 

Which idea is your favourite? Let’s discuss at ________ and perhaps, make it happen!

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