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Let loose, sleep tight- Different Types of Beds for Restful Sleep

All the details for Bed Buying!

When it comes to beds, there are so many different varieties to choose from. The only categorisation of beds that we hear about commonly is regarding the size, but let’s look at a few more classifications. 

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and a good false ceiling design or a platform could bring your eyes towards it on entering the room. With all eyes on the bed, make sure you invest in a good one, having researched all the possible options. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different classifications of beds.

Based on size

There are six sizes of beds (and therefore mattresses) to opt from, available in the market today. Their nomenclature and mattress’ width x length dimensions are as follows:

  1. Twin- 38” x 75”
  2. Twin XL- 38” x 80”
  3. Full- 54” x 75”
  4. Queen- 60” x 80”
  5. King- 76” x 80”
  6. California King- 72” x 84 (long bed suitable for those 6 ft and over)


Based on height

The height of the bed and its suspension is another way beds can be classified. 

1. Conventional-

A normal bed is placed at a height of 24” from the floor. 

2. Low Bed-

The mattress of the bed is placed at a height lesser than conventional beds at a height of 18 to 24”. It gives a room a spacious feel and suits modern styles of decor. 

3. High bed-

These beds are at a height of 25 to 36” off the ground. A tall bed would suit a traditional style of room. 

4. Suspended/floating bed- 

A suspended bed is usually hung onto anchors on the ceiling or walls so their height could be variable. Hammock beds or beds that seem to be floating in air fall into this category.


Based on type

Bed types vary based on space available. Let’s take a look at some popular types. 

1. Regular bed

The regular bed is what we most commonly see. It is extremely comfortable but has a minimal space requirement to be installed. 

2. Day bed 

A day bed is a convenient option for those who want to lounge and relax on the bed like a sofa during the day and lay down to sleep in it at night. 

3. Cot bed 

If you’re looking for something portable or small, the cot bed (also called charpoy or khatia) is a good option. It is not the most comfortable type of bed but will suffice for a temporary solution or simply as a decor element. 

4. Folding bed

    • Murphy bed 

This is a wall-mounted contraption that blends with a room’s design, that opens up to a regular bed, suitable for use. 

    • Trundle bed 

For additional beds without sacrificing space, the foldable option of a trundle bed may be favourable. You can easily pull out a bed from the bottom so that two people can comfortably sleep. 

    • Futon

A futon is a sofa-cum-bed that can be converted into a sofa or a bed as per desired use. 


Based on bed frame

1. Panel bed

Panel beds are the standard model of bed in the market today and they come with wooden or metal panels to support the mattress. The material on the base extends onto the bed frame too. 

2. Platform bed 

A platform bed is closer to the ground than conventional beds and negates the use of a box spring or support with panels as seen in standard beds. A similar wooden or metal design extends onto the frame too. 

3. Sleigh bed 

A sleigh bed has its headboards and footboards curved outwards to give the bed an appearance similar to a sleigh and suits traditional bedroom decor. 

4. Poster bed 

There are different types of poster beds that can amp up the feeling of luxury in a bedroom. 

    • Four poster bed 

At the four corners of the bed, long posts are attached to give it a grand appearance. 

    • Low poster bed 

A subdued version of the iconic four poster bed, the low poster bed has shorter posts coming up from four corners. A pencil poster is a variation of a low poster that has thinner posts. 

5. Bunk bed 

Suited for children’s bedrooms, the bunk bed has multiple (two or three) bed frames stacked one above the other so that multiple kids can sleep in the same room without compromising too much space. 

6. Loft bed 

A loft bed is made in a similar design to a bunk bed where the top bed can be accessed via a ladder. However, the bottom area is free to be used for storage, play or study. 

7. Adjustable bed 

An adjustable bed allows the user to customise the angle of how the mattress rests using electric controls. It is especially useful for older individuals who spend a lot of time in bed who would benefit from adjusting its position to be seated or supine as per preference.

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