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Latest bed designs

All You Need to Know

A bed is the most important furniture that provides a design aesthetic and functionality in a bedroom design. For comfort and luxury, bed designs need to be thought out well and need to blend in with the room interiors, be it modern or traditional. 

To rejuvenate and unwind after a busy day, there is no better place than a comfortable bedroom with a relaxing bed! Remember to consider the size of the room, the overall decor scheme and the age range of individuals who will use the bed, since each will have different styles and construction needs.

Which are some of the most popular bed designs that move with time?

  • Single bed designs
  • Children’s bed designs 
  • Living room bed designs
  • Trundle bed designs
  • Poster bed designs
  • Storage beds

When it comes to the latest bed designs, there are plenty to choose from! The good news is that the styles are always evolving! Here are 7 of our favourite picks on the latest bed designs. 

1.Storage bed designs 

With this latest bed design, make extra space for the things that need to be put away from lying around! Storage spaces can be made on the bed headboard or as box storage.

A storage bed may be a smart investment since it gives additional space for duvets, pillow covers, blankets, spare sheets, mattresses, and other items. Modern beds with storage, such as kids beds, queen-size or king-size beds and single or double beds are available in various material designs. 

2. Low bed designs

For a minimalist yet sleek look in the bedroom interiors, choose this modern bed design that helps free up space in the area. These beds not only have a minimal appearance, but they also provide exceptional comfort. This design is a good fit for bedrooms with low ceilings to provide the illusion of more space.

3. Poster bed designs

Nothing beats an antique look like poster bed designs that can transform the whole look of the bedroom. The headboard of the bed can be customised and supported by a frame on top. To give it a complete royal feel, adorn the bed frame with cloth materials like lace, net or light drapes.

4. Triple bed design

This is an attractive as well as a playful bed design that is best suited for children’s rooms. Triple bed designs can be modified according to themes and allow children to share a bed without invading each other’s personal space! These bed designs are perfect for younger children, where the lower compartment may be used as extra seating or a place to stack toys.

5. Living room bed designs

For bustling homes with guests who keep visiting, consider a sofa-cum-bed design to save space in the room. During the day, the multi-purpose furniture appears as a sofa, and at night, it serves as a bed. It can also enhance the appearance of your bedroom and make it look larger.

6. Trundle beds

Secondary beds installed alongside the main bed are trundle bed designs. This latest bed design is a great solution for parents who wish to share a room with their children without sacrificing space. While adults can sleep comfortably on the main bed, children can make use of the trundle. The design is kept simple and lets the accessory bed move in and out swiftly.

7. Round bed designs

To give the bedroom a luxurious vibe, choose bed designs that turn heads! Round bed designs are perfect for spacious modern bedroom designs. The unique shape of the bed can accommodate two people. It can be customised to have storage options too.

Before making an investment in a modular bedroom design, it is recommended to examine the warranty, installation procedures and additional expenses of any bed design. Even though there exists a variety of bed designs all over the world, the bedroom should utilise a bed that is cosy enough to rest and fancy enough to showcase! 

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